Work With What You Got: Why You Should Flaunt Your Single Status

Back in the days when every girl's favorite show, Sex and the City, was on, being single was coined as the equivalent of walking around with a big stamp on your forehead that said, "I'm desperate, love me!"

Now, in today's much more revolutionized society, being single means you're free and have no one to worry about but yourself. You're single and fabulous, with an exclamation point. Before, being single meant being alone—today, there's a difference. We've gotten so wrapped up in the term "single," that we've decided it means being lonely and desperate. And with all of these online dating options so readily available to find men, if we don't exercise any of them, we're able to fall into the category of making the choice to be single—something that society never truly recognized before.

If you want to sit at a restaurant alone, all you need is a good book or your cell phone to keep you occupied. If you visit home for the holidays sans a date, that's okay, you'll find the right person someday. You may look back one day on your old flames and have regrets, but if you do settle into a long-term committed relationship, at least you can look back and know that you've gotten the single life out of your system.

Of course, being single isn't always all rainbows and butterflies. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side, so those single girls may soon see couples in the street and long for a relationship. To paraphrase what Miranda from Sex and the City wisely said, "We complain when we're single and complain when we're not."

But, for now, the most important thing that we can celebrate is that being single is no longer a death sentence. You won't turn into a cat lady or die alone, and one day, when your heart is truly ready, you will find someone who knows that you're fabulous no matter what (with an exclamation point.)

This article was originally published at Your Fabulous Twenties. Reprinted with permission from the author.