Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be A**holes

Here's how.

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One thing ALL parents have in common is that they want their kids to grow up to be happy and successful.

Millennial parents are especially conscious of raising kids that are happier, connected, and socially conscious — and they may be on to something.

Researchers at Berkley’s Greater Good Science Centre have highlighted kindness as one of the foundations for a happy life. Kindness makes us happier, regardless of whether we are on the giving or receiving end. At a societal level, teaching kids kindness prevents bulling and mean behavior in schools and builds a sense of support in our communities. Imagine that!


So how can we teach kids to be kinder? 

1. Call out kindness. 

Kids naturally have a huge capacity for kindness. As adults, we become so busy and stressed, living in such a competitive world we often loose this innate ability to support and connect with others. So make a conscious effort to notice kind behavior in your kids. And when you catch them being kind, point it out. “Wow! Look how you shared your favorite crayons with your friend, how kind you are!” or “You were so kind checking on that boy who no one was playing with on the playground.”

2. Challenge your kids to practice random acts of kindness in their community


They could keep track on a poster, or calendar. Just avoid giving a reward, only help them to keep track, so that the kindness itself is the reward. Some examples of random acts of kindness could be helping a senior with yard work or inviting over a new kid to play.

3. Allow your kids to observe you practicing kindness

Your kids are always watching you. When they observe you being kind, they learn to be kind. This one is great because kids will not only learn about kindness, they will get the added benefit of experiencing a happier parent!

We all want our kids to be happy! Teaching and practicing kindness ensures happier young people and safer bully free communities.


Samin is an accredited Life Coach specializing in working with millennial moms. Sign up for more free tips here.