5 Signs He's Using Facebook Or Instagram To Meet Other Women

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5 Signs Of Cheating To Look For On Facebook And Instagram

Social media can be full of explosive minefields for people in a relationship.

When you share so much of your life with the world, you also open yourself and your partner up to some particularly dicey new questions. Should you tag them in the new photo you can't wait to post? When should you change your relationship status on Facebook? Will you look too clingy if you like and/or comment on all of their posts on Instagram?

On top of that, being connected with one another on social media means you have some confusing gray areas to sort through. In particular, it's become increasingly common to wonder whether or not the man in your life is lurking on other women's profiles, and if he is, if he's just looking and being friendly, if he's trying to pick them up, or if he's actively cheating on you.

Because let's face it: Facebook and Instagram are awesome tools not only for keeping in touch with people you already know, but also for meeting new people you're interested in — and that includes potential other men or women.


Of course, before you go looking for the following signs of cheating via Facebook, Instagram, or other social media, do remember that it's best not to jump to conclusions right away.

If you notice any or all of the behaviors listed below, in addition to your gut telling you something isn't right), don't use them as ammunition to jump down his throat. Instead, use your observations as examples to start a conversation about and ask questions.

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If you don't get a straight answer? Well, that's your answer right there. You may want to update your status to "single."

With that, here are 5 signs he's using Facebook, Instagram or other social media to talk with other women (and may even be cheating on you).

1. He won't accept your Facebook friend request or follow you back on Instagram.

Uh, what? If you're an official couple and you're not Facebook friends, that's a little weird, but not entirely bad. If both of you agreed to this from the very beginning, then it's fine.

But if you've been friend requesting him for months and he's blocked or ignored you, you need to ask yourself why you want to be with someone who can't grant you a simple request.

2. He can't put down his phone.

If he's on Facebook 24/7 and there isn't a work-related reason for it, it could be because he's more invested in the validation and attention he gets there than the validation and attention he gets from (and gives back to) you. That's not healthy.

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3. You connected on Facebook and Instagram, but you still can't see everything he posts.

Facebook and Instagram privacy settings allow you to tailor your profile and what's visible and to whom for each of your posts, You can make everything you post either public or private, or you can set some posts to be available to only certain groups or a specific list of close friends.

For instance, you may have a list of best friends who can see everything, while your co-workers may be on a separate list that doesn't include things like keg stand photos from 2007.

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If your man has something to hide from you, you better believe that he's going to use these settings to his advantage.

It's also a bad sign if he has no photos of you together visible to his friends and he never accepts any of your requests to tag him in pictures you post. He should be proud to show you off!

4. He's especially active on other women's posts.

If he likes and/or comments on every single status update and photo posted by a particular non-celebrity on Facebook or Instagram, your eyebrows and antennae should go way up. This is especially true if he never likes your posts or pictures.

5. He acts shady whenever his computer is anywhere near you.

You shouldn't ask for his Facebook password or attempt to figure it out. It is his personal account and he is entitled to his privacy, as you are to yours.

But if you're sitting next to him and he immediately hides his phone or slams his laptop shut whenever you look his way or stand somewhere that you might be able to see the screen, you have the right to start asking him some questions.

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