Use This SNEAKY Tinder Hack To Stalk Your Significant Other (Or Anyone, Really)

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Tinder Hack You Need To Know In Order To Stalk Him

Nowadays, the question isn’t "Are you online dating?" but rather, "Which app are you on?" You may even be judged for your response.

Gone are the days of online dating being considered creepy or the stereotype that only nerds with no social skills are doing it. In fact, at this point, if you’re single and haven’t been online, you’re considered a laggard and seriously missing out.

However, just because the stigma has significantly declined around online dating, this doesn’t mean users want their love lives broadcasted to friends, acquaintances, co-workers, family, and even worse, their significant others!

OK, maybe ‘broadcasted’ is a strong word. But, with a little digging, you can now see which of your Facebook friends have used Tinder and when they last logged on.

And for those Tinder users who are currently in relationships... well, we may be facing an Ashley Madison situation all over again!

You can use the hack in secret, so your partner won’t know if you’ve been spying on him or her. Obviously, this detective work is a breach of trust in itself, but for those looking for proof of cheating, this is a sneaky way to do it.

Diego Martins de Siqueira, a software engineer, developed this Tinder hack after discovering that the dating app "has a lot more public data than the app shows the user. It recently surfaced on Reddit and could potentially cause an uproar.

Martins de Siqueira is in the process of creating TinderOnline, with the goal of it being a "perfect tool providing a stupidly easy-to-use and fast program to find out when was the last time your friends used the Tinder App. It uses your Facebook Token to authenticate and find your friends, then shows to you how much time passed since their last use."

He is in the process of making the tool more user-friendly.

With the recent launch of Tinder's first VIP service, Tinder Select, a secret and exclusive invite-only version of the app, the celebrity, supermodel, and CEO users likely value their privacy and this hack could potentially expose their dating app usage to their thousands of Facebook friends.


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Martins de Siqueira says, "I really never tested Tinder Select, since I do not have an invite to it, so I really can't answer with 100 percent certainty, but as long as Tinder and Tinder Select runs over the same platform the tool should work on both without any problem."

If you don’t care about other people knowing your Tinder status, then no biggie.

But, if you’re considered an elite single, famous, in a relationship, or just value discretion and privacy, you may want to consider using another dating app until Tinder can securely integrate with Facebook.

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of dating apps and sites out there, and each has pros and cons and caters to different niches.

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