10 Ways To Meet A Quality Guy (Because Summer Is The Best Time For Love)

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10 Ways To Meet A QUALITY Guy

Are you single or divorced and looking for love? Summer is the best time for socializing, being out and about in the sun having fun. But you need to have a plan for how to meet men instead of just wandering around wondering what to do.

If you're stuck for ideas, here are the best places to meet men, all while you have fun and enjoy yourself. Pick just one or try them all!

1. Walk your dog.

Go to a dog park in your neighborhood, or visit the boardwalk of your local beach or waterfront area. Make sure you look great before you leave the house. Then, while walking your pup, smile at men as you pass by. That's flirting 101! You can even ask about their dogs to start a conversation.

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2. Read a book at the beach or park.

Reading a juicy novel is already fun, but holding a book makes it easy for a guy to approach and ask, "Hey, what are you reading?" Bingo: the interaction begins.

3. Attend every party.

Sometimes women get in the habit of saying "no" to invitations, but that won't help you meet men. Say "yes" instead. The more gatherings you attend, the more people you'll meet, whether it's business, family, friends or singles events.

Parties are festive, which make people happy, which makes it easier to meet them. No more excuses, just go. 

4. Enjoy outdoor concerts.

Many communities have an outdoor concert series at a bandshell or park. This is a great place to meet men because everyone likes music. Look like you are enjoying the entertainment, sing along, and dance a little to get noticed. Be friendly and strike up conversations about the music.

5. Dine outdoors.

A lot of restaurants put tables outside to attract diners. Have a glass of wine and an appetizer, or indulge in a slice of blueberry pie. With close quarters, you can often meet other diners nearby, especially if you're naturally friendly.

Comment on a cute guy's food by saying, "That looks yummy." This will light the spark for interaction.

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6. Join a hiking, biking or kayaking group.

You could do these activities alone, but with a singles group, you will definitely meet new people. Participating in a group activity gives you something in common to chat about.

7. Throw your own party.

Not invited to any parties? Make your own! Ask your girlfriends to bring a guy friend. He might not be right for her, but he sure could be Mr. Right for you or one of your girlfriends.

8. Hang out at Barnes & Noble on a rainy Sunday.

So many men fly solo at the bookstore. Browse the magazine section so you're easy to approach. Sit at a cafe table and read something. Forget your laptop or iPad because good men won't want to interrupt you.

9. Listen to live music at outdoor bars.

This is how I met my husband. Well, indirectly. I met his sister, as she was a friend of a friend. We started gabbing and after 30 minutes, she asked me if I was seeing anyone. She thought her brother would like me — and she was right.

10. Stop at a coffee shop during the day.

Businessmen hang out at coffee shops (like Starbucks) between meetings. It's the perfect opportunity to meet guys. As I always say, sip and smile; it's very flirty.

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