A Window Overlooking Happiness

In the house of time, every room is dark, every nook is gloomy except when you are familiar with all the secret getaways leading to that bedroom having the only window allowing light to come in.

The underground levels of the "past" are for many, ominous catacombs where sinister sepulchers lie: all of the complaints and rancor which we have consciously and unconsciously stored throughout our lives.

The galleries of the "future" are cold atriums of artificial light exhibiting large walls where we paint our wishes, chimeras and plans projecting the false illusion that we are, in fact, achieving something.

The bedroom of the "present" is the only room having a window overlooking the outside, the timeless world, the actual world, ethereal fields where happiness runs free, autonomous and rebellious.

Lifetime for the large majority of human beings slips away along a sluggish coming and going between past and future. Rarely and instinctively, in a haphazardly manner, we briefly and fleetingly go past that room and are able to catch a stolen look on our own divinity, of our immeasurable potential.

Arcane passageways between past and future lead us toward that secret window through which all mysteries of life are unveiled. It is through this source of light that we can attain unlimited access to the seductive muse of happiness and from where we can become first-line witnesses of the expression of that supernatural phenomenon which religions are keen on calling a "miracle".

The doorway to that passage leading us inevitably and with certitude to that window bears the name of "gratitude".  It is the ever-open gate available to us that can be viewed by every human being who willingly elects to pose the question "what do I have to thank for?" It will keep you company along the sweet hallways of acceptance, forgiveness, love, gratitude and compassion before it flows overtly into the dwelling of peace.

Once we have been able to gaze upon the world through this window, our perspective of life changes; never shall we be the same again. It gives everyone the option to remain as permanent guests of this room when and if we are willing to ask ourselves one question "how can I contribute, how can I help?" This lease, this loan is something not all of us are ready to pay; it bears the name of "giving".

If at any point you did enter that dwelling of peace and were able to gaze upon the sweetness of life through that window but nevertheless wish to go back to the catacombs of the past, please use the emergency exit way—that which carries the emblem that reads "complaint".  This door will certainly lead you along the passages of struggle, rejection, punishment, hatred, rancor and cruelty unto the wet and sad paths of the past. Should you wish to season your sadness with a little of unreal illusion, please take the hallway called “demand”. This will lead you directly to the golden galleries of the future where you will able to paint under artificial light dreams and fantasies in shades of grey, on the harsh concrete walls…

Rodolfo Cabrera