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So, What's The Secret To Happiness? Apparently, Staying Single.

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As a matchmaker, I often get asked if married people are really happier than single people. When I hear this, I have the urge to grab my clients by the collar and scream, "Don't do it, man! Don't do it. Stay single!" Being married has its upside for sure, but getting married isn't a surefire secret answer to how to be happy. A lot of stress comes with marriage in the form of compromise and just living with another person's issues, quirks and habits.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject, having been married three times myself. The first two times didn't work out so well (obviously), but that certainly didn't stop me from taking the plunge again. Now, thirteen years into my third marriage, the compromises continue; my husband tends to micro-manage my life down to how much toilet paper I use (he is just trying to help the environment he claims), but he would lay down his life for me so, I overlook his little control issues.

The best advice I have for singles who struggle with embracing their solo life now because they're hoping to find the right partner, is this: There are joys to being single as well as being married. So enjoy every minute of your singlehood, get out there and grab life by the tail and get swinging. Because when you are happy with the life you have, the universe just keeps on bringing more joy to you and that just might include a soul mate!