Is Appearance Related To Divorce Rates?

With divorce rates looming at 50%, does appearance play a part?


Although none of us want to believe that the commitments we make to our spouses are temporary, the statistics concerning divorce rates in the United States shed troubling light on a sad truth: a substantial number of married couples do not end up venturing into the fabled "happy ever after" together. Instead of merely gasping in shock at the statistics (some of which point to a 50% divorce rate in US couples), many researchers have taken it upon themselves to learn more about the motivations driving couples apart.  The results of numerous survey and Q&A's have revealed a variety of reasons why individuals feel compelled to end their marriage. These include disagreements on family planning, financial insecurity, a loss of interest or attraction and infidelity.


Of those polled in a recent national survey, approximately 50% stated that their marriages ended due to accusations of or concrete proof of infidelity. While infidelity is linked to a variety of factors, both emotional and physical, the loss of sexual attraction to a spouse and sexual interest in a new individual often lead to acts of "betrayal." In these situations, many are left wondering what they could have done to dissuade their partner from seeking out new sexual partners.

What Does Appearance Have To Do With It?

Our daily appearance speaks volumes about our current mental and emotional wellbeing as well as our level of comfort in a particular situation. For married couples or romantic partners that have grown accustomed to spending lengthy amounts of time with one another, it's easy to enter a state of perpetual "down time" where issues such as physical appearance and general "dress code" fall by the wayside. This phenomenon stretches far beyond issues of grooming and wardrobe choices. In fact, weight gain often occurs in both men and women following marriage, due in large part to the psychological change that occurs once a commitment has been made. Many feel that it is no longer necessary to lure potential suitors by maximizing their physical attractiveness. This type of behavior shouldn't be condemned as "lax" or "inattentive," but it may prove to be the catalyst for an eventual plunge into infidelity or divorce.


Does Being Sexy Really Matter?

There's a common joke among both men and women that men will, regardless of their age, always be attracted to nubile young women. While this is, of course, merely an old saying and certainly not applicable to every man on the planet, studies have shown that men do place more importance on the physical attractiveness of their partner than do women. This highlights a crucial aspect of the vast majority of relationships, namely the fact that the majority of men will still "check out" women after their relationship has progressed from dating to marriage. This doesn’t mean that men will stray with the first attractive woman they find, of course, but it does imply that they remain keenly aware of physical appearance for the majority of their lives. Women may not place as much emphasis on this particular facet of the individuals they are attracted to, but nevertheless it remains a contributing factor to general appeal.

In relationships where sex is a priority, one individual who no longer finds their partner sexually attractive may feel compelled to stray and find a new sexual partner outside of their marriage. If a healthy sex life is, indeed, a critical factor for overall happiness, it's likely that either partner left feeling unsatisfied by their spouse may find the idea of extramarital sex appealing. Whether or not these acts are brought to fruition is, of course, another matter entirely.

What Your Looks Say About You


As a general rule of thumb, both men and women should consider their overall appearance to represent one particular facet of a larger "declaration" of respect and love to their partner. Ultimately, sex isn't a tool that binds couples for extended durations. Men and women shouldn't focus on being "sexy," but rather appearing in a way that shows their partner that they respect them enough to stay well-groomed and healthy.

The Power Of A Healthy Diet

One of the many reasons that men and women ultimately find themselves falling behind in their appearance is simply due to the fact that the time needed to attend to one's appearance is remarkably scarce for many working adults. Because of this, it's not uncommon for both men and women to supplement their diet with a variety of healthy supplements designed to keep them feeling energetic and revitalized. Supplement Critique (learn more here), an online supplement review and education website, provides a wide array of helpful information for those looking to learn more about nutritional supplements available on the market today. Rob Miller, the founder of Supplement Critique, discussed the relationship between appearance and nutritional supplements, stating, "nutritional supplements are a valuable tool for individuals who are unable to maintain a healthy and balanced diet due to professional or family commitments that may take away from available time for cooking."


Regardless of whether or not you suspect your partner may be inclined to stray, maintaining a healthy diet and well-groomed appearance are bound to increase your overall attractiveness and rekindle the flames of intimacy in your relationship. Good luck!