Pucker Up! 5 Tips For Smooth, Summer Lips

Pucker Up! 5 Tips For Smooth, Summer Lips [EXPERT]
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Love kissing? Get ready for some summer smooches with these easy tips!

Still have chapped or dry lips left over from the winter? There are many natural ways to make your lips soft and kissable in time for romantic summer nights. Not only are lips the gateway to food pleasure, they are a tactile and sensory organ which has many nerve endings. These nerve endings send sensations along our nerve pathways that directly affects our desire.

Not only are our lips filled with multiple nerve endings, they also attract to the opposite sex. In several research studies, the size, plumpness and health of lips affected how sexually attracted a man felt to a woman. The healthier and fuller a woman's lips were, the higher the women rated on the desirability scale.

So, how do you get your lips to be kissable, soft, plump and ready to attract a mate? Just follow these five simple steps on a regular basis to be ready when a kiss from Mr. Right happens. 6 Must-Read Rules For How To Give The PERFECT Kiss

1. Do a weekly exfoliation. The skin on the lips is very thin and lacks the same oil glands as the rest of your skin. By exfoliating the dead skin off of them, you expose the healthy fresh skin below them. I like to mix fruit with simple table sugar to create a double-strength scrub, because certain fruit acids (alpha-hydroxy acids) are also natural exfoliants.

For a fun summer treat, I recommend taking a frozen grape, cutting it in half, putting a pinch of table sugar on it and rubbing it over the lips. The dual action of the exfoliation and the alpha-hydroxy acids help keep lips smooth longer.

2. Externally moisturize. Once you exfoliate the dead skin, the next step is to moisturize. One of my favorite combinations to naturally moisturize the lips is honey and papaya. Papaya is high in antioxidants and natural moisturizers; honey is a humectant which means that it draws moisture to where it's applied. Make a paste with the honey and papaya, and put it in ice cube trays to freeze.

When you're ready to moisturize your lips, take out a cube and rub it over your lips; as an added bonus, papaya actually plumps the lips so it makes your lips fuller and sexier.

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