5 Phases Every Couple Goes Through (So You Know Exactly What To Expect In A New Relationship)

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5 Stages Of A Relationship & The Dating Advice To Remember Through Each

When you're in a new relationship, there are certain stages of a relationship to expect.

Healthy relationships don't just happen overnight, and dating someone always has its ups and downs.

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I was talking with a friend a while back (a new divorcee) and he was telling me about the woman he had been dating. According to him, she seems to have "changed" from when he first met her.

This particular friend of mine was not familiar with my theory of the 5 phases of dating so we ended up having a discussion about it which, in turn, prompted me to adapt my concept of the stages of dating to a graphical representation called "The Technology Hype Cycle", originally created by information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc.

These sections are then mapped to a chart that visually shows the progression and the 5 stages over time.

So how does all of this apply to love, relationships, and dating?

Relationship satisfaction is the key to long-term happiness and, as a result, the ultimate goal. When you've found the right partner for you, you'll be able to get through the first 4 stages and settle in a balanced and healthy relationship.

Here are the 5 stages of relationships you need to be aware of when you enter a new relationship.

1. Sending a representative

When we first meet someone, we are typically on our best behavior. We are very attentive, courteous, polite, responsive, sensitive, and, most of all, patient.

Why? Because we don’t want to mess things up.

2. Peak of unsustainable perfection

At this point, the euphoria of the new relationship is at its highest.

Eventually, this wears off. No one can sustain "perfect" forever.

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3. Valley of disappointment

This is where we start to see a person’s true colors. Often, it can be a big surprise. Relationship problems also pop up.

Depending on the depth of the valley, this is where many relationships end.

4. Slope of enlightenment

This phase is about first determining if you’ve learned all you need to learn and all there is to learn and if you’re able to live with it.

5. Plateau of happiness

This is the ultimate goal.

Once you get to a point with your partner where you’ve settled into a healthy and balanced relationship that is open, honest, and fulfilling, you've achieved happiness.

There are plenty of dating and relationship advice out there. But, before you apply them to your own relationship with your partner, you need to be aware that the phases you're going through are normal for every couple and now you're prepared to face it all.

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Rik Foote is the CEO and Founder of RelationshipDNA which offers a personality assessment similar to Meyers-Briggs but designed to help single adults with increased self-awareness in order to best determine romantic relationship compatibility. Visit the website to learn more about RelationshipDNA.

This article was originally published at RelationshipDNA Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.