The 12 Voices In Your Head You REALLY Should Listen To In 2017

Are you listening to the RIGHT voices?

12 Inner Voices To Listen To In Order To Achieve Happiness weheartit

This is not 12 goals you should set or 12 ways to stick to your New Years Fizzleloutions. Nor is this a grumpy curmudgeons post because the holidays treated me badly.

This is a desperate call to action inviting you to tap into your head to actually listen, and listen deeply to some of the voices in there if you really truly want to have an awesome, productive, successful, blessed, righteous, stellar, learn from your mistakes, take what life gives you, trust in the process, 2017.


Got it? Or are you now scared to read the rest?

If you are afraid, then thanks for reading this far and please just sashay away quietly as to not awaken some voices that might be tempted to utter some nasty things about you.

If you’re not scared off, then let’s go where few of us choose to go… into our heads with glee, delight, and happiness rather than dread and fear.

One of the surest ways awaken the little voices that we shut down too often out of fear, uncertainty, and sometimes downright stupidity, is to cast aside fear, uncertainty, and downright stupidity.

So, don your curiosity capes and let’s awaken 12 inner voices that you should be paying attention to in 2017, in no particular order.


1. Soul Voice

Reach deep into yourself and find that voice that murmurs your truth, your essence, your reason for being in this human experience.

Let it soothe and guide you, even when you’re fit to be tied and unsure. At the heart of the soul, resides the soul of the heart.

2. Forgiving Voice

Start with yourself. Anytime you’re feeling frustrated, angry, annoyed, disillusioned, simply forgive yourself. In turn, the more you listen to this voice, and start forgiving yourself, the sooner you’ll exercise your forgiveness muscle towards others.

3. Curious Voice

Too often we take what we’ve been told and make it the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We lose our childlike curiosity and bada bing, bada boom, we’re living a mundane life.


Get out there and listen to your curious voice and take some curious action.

4. Spontaneous Voice


Not everything has to be planned, planned, planned. In fact, think how your body may have experienced those words planned, planned, planned.

Unless you’re a total Type A, you probably cringed just a little. If so, that’s a definite sign that bringing more spontaneity into your life is just what the new year ordered.


5. Escape Voice

This isn’t about running and hiding It’s about finally being truthful with yourself and saying "Yup, it’s time to escape (FILL IN THE BLANK)!"

It could be a dead-end job, less than stellar relationship, or even that plate of holiday goodies staring you in the face that could soon to be filling out your jeans. Listen to the voice of escape and plan your breakout.

6. "Who gives a f*ck?" Voice

Ah yes, the rebel voice. Yet sometimes the rebel in all of us needs to be awakened in order to wave the flag of "I don’t give a F*ck" in the face of those naysayers who are trying to hold us down. In those moments, remember, it’s all about them and not about you.


7. "I’m good enough" Voice

If someone else needs to tell you you’re good enough for you to feel that way, then you may simply be a lost cause.

OK, maybe that’s too harsh. Nobody is really a lost cause because all lost causes can be resuscitated with three simple words, "I’m good enough!" All that’s required is that you believe it, feel it, and act on it.

8. "The truth hurts" Voice



Did you really think we were going to get through these 12 voices without some pain? Heck no! The truth will set you free, but you’ve got to be willing, tough-skinned, and grown-up enough to also know the truth is your friend.

So suck it up, take some truth punches, and step into the ring of truth without fear.

9. Reality Check Voice

Much like the Truth Hurts voice, the Reality Check voice is about holding us accountable.

Nothing wrong with living our dreams and having high aspirations, but every once in a while, we need to step into the reality check zone in order to stay on track without getting lost in whimsy and la la land.

Although whimsy and la la voices do inspire a great deal of happy, happy, joy, joy, so don’t kill them completely.


10. "Tell Me More" Voice

Judgments, assumptions, and jumping to conclusions are the arch enemies of the Tell Me More voice.

But without them, we wouldn’t appreciate the work and beautiful outcomes that come from asking simple questions of others like, "Tell me more…" or "Help me understand…" or "Tell me what it feels like to…"

This voice thrives on questioning, and exploring rather than jumping on the train of My Way or No Way!

11. Voice of Discomfort


We fight so hard to this voice. As soon as we start to feel discomfort we rush to shut it down. However, instead of being afraid of getting out of our comfort zone, what might it feel like to be comfortable in our discomfort zone? Just a thought!

12. Rationally Irrational Voice


Now, say rationally irrational five times and tell me it’s not at tongue twister.


It’s also a little bit of a messy mind maker, yet, if you give yourself permission to be rationally irrational in certain circumstances, how might things be different, better, or even easier?

There are perfectly irrational things we should possibly do that make no rational sense on the rational scale. Well, screw rational! There are some irrational things that should and probably do make sense to do in some way, so do them.

I realize this is too big to digest but that’s why it’s at the end of the list so that you can mull it over with an irrationally large glass of wine and Godiva Chocolates as you unravel the mystery of rationally irrationality.

There you have it. The 12 voices or at least, the 12 suggested voices that you just might want to let out of your closet in 2017 that could have a huge impact on your happiness for the new year.


If nothing else, you won’t be lonely because you will have made nice with 12 new aspects of yourself that have been hiding just waiting for an opportunity to speak your truth.

So go ahead. Get started talking to those voices and if anyone else thinks you’re crazy for talking to the voices in your head, tell them bugger off, and hand them a copy of this article.