Bullsh*t Alert! America Is 'Land Of The Free'—Unless You're GAY

America is turning into the land of the straight people and home of the bigots.

gay rights

I know I don't need to say it, but I'm gay.

But lately, I'm also sad, deeply concerned, and maybe a little bit scared that because of my DNA (you know, the thing that contributes to my sexual orientation) a hospital will refuse to treat me, or a restaurant will tell me, "We don't serve your kind here."

States like Indiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina are turning back the hands of time and proclaiming that discrimination is the new expression of religious freedom. Thank goodness I live in a state like California where there's more open minds than closed minds ... at least I hope it stays that way.


In those states where "Religious Freedom Acts"—or some such form of legislation—are sprouting like spring flowers (or should I say irksome weeds?), I fear that the blind are truly leading the blind in America right now. Those states, and their legislatures, are wrapping their warped, hate-based rhetoric in a veil of "religious freedom" and calling it a day, without using the logical heads that God, or some form of higher power, gave them.

They think they're being logical, but I'm crying BULLSH*T on that. These people obviously had their marbles rocked when the Big Bang occurred.

I'm not sure why these proponents of such ludicrous agendas can't see that they're one twisted step away from stamping PERMISSION GRANTED on any and all forms of hate and bigotry the moment someone decides it's their right to impose that hate on others.


Granted, I fully believe in everyone having the right to just be themselves; thus, the reason I came out of the closet to live my truth as a gay man. But, the moment we enact legislation that says you have the right to discriminate against a certain population because of their DNA, beliefs, or practices, you're no better than the leader of the Holocaust.

Yes, I'm comparing you to the BIG (evil) H, Mr. & Mrs. Lawmaker!

When you invoke the means to strip away someone's basic human rights based on your fears, lack of education, and inability to understand and embrace our differences as a human race, you'd better be prepared to potentially have your freedoms striped away as well. How so?

How far removed is discriminating based on sexual orientation from:


We're treading on slippery slopes of pot calling kettle black, when we, as a country (as a world power), succumb to the narrow-mindedness of the few.

You would think that at this stage in the history of our great nation—through the chaotic times of Prohibition, The Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, Free Love, Vietnam, 9/11, the crashing of .coms, and now the realm of gay marriage—that our strength as a nation lies in the beautiful tapestry of our people and their diversity.

The same diversity that built a melting pot of humanity to become a great nation. I thought "embracing diversity" is America's thing!

We're a nation built upon the values of freedom, justice, and liberty for all ... not just a few, privileged, white, faith-practicing, heterosexuals.


There is no GREATNESS in a nation that says, "Who you love, how you love, and whom you choose to share your life with makes you a second class citizen."

GREATNESS comes from separation of church and state.

GREATNESS stems from having open minds and being curious.

GREATNESS grows from accepting our differences.


GREATNESS starts with asking, "Why?"

GREATNESS lifts up love, not hate!