10 Brave Ways To Get Better At Being Your True Self 100% Of The Time

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Start Off The New Year Being True To YOU!

Congratulations ... today is a new day. If you let them, all of your "should haves", "could haves", and "would haves" of yesterday have gone up in a poof of "It’s history!" smoke. All that remains is right now. You know, that "present moment" stuff that Oprah, Deepak, and Eckhart keep encouraging us to pay attention to in order to become more successful, alive, and fulfilled.

However, many of us turn a deaf ear on all of that "stay present in the moment" chatter, but then wonder… Why, why, why can’t I just be myself like everyone else?

The problem is that we resist. We resist doing the work, making the moves, and taking the chances required to become ourselves.

Well, my friends, it’s time to stop resisting.

Otherwise, before you know it, another day, week, month, heck even a lifetime will pass and there you’ll be: Still crying the blues, stomping your feet, throwing a tantrum — internal and external — pouting about why you're not being yourself. The real you. And who’s to blame? You, and only you.

As much as we’d love to shift the blame, deflect, pull a "talk to the hand" move on ourselves, the only person accountable for your lack of authenticity and confidence is the one in the mirror. You know, the one you’re constantly having crazy-making internal conversations with everyday.

On the one hand, you yearn to become more confident, unique, and hungry to live a fulfilled life. Yet on the other hand, your inner Doubting Thomas throws road blocks in your path to becoming yourself. Quite the conundrum, isn’t it? 

But, isn’t that slight of hand getting old? Of course it is, and it’s time for you to make a change. A change that creates a Tsunami of positive change in your life in the year ahead.

Here to support and guide you are the 10 smart ways to start being true to yourself each and every day, in every way!

1. Stop being determined to fail

Even the slightest negative thought tells the universe that you’re not serious about being yourself. Change the thought and you change the outcome.

2. Trust that you’ll figure it out

When presented with opportunities that you know nothing about or have no skills doing, simply trust that you’ll figure it out. You’ll figure out being you and only you, as only you can do.

3. Embrace uncertainty, vulnerability, and let go of the outcome

Fighting uncertainty and shying away from vulnerability only makes discovering who you really are elusive. Why fight it? Just go with it. Then and only then can you let go of a "need to know" outcome.

4. Stay curious

Live with child-like wonder about who you really are and what you’re meant to do in the world. Ask yourself daily: "Who am I?" The more you ask, the more answers you’ll uncover.

5. Believe that change is possible

Rather than surrendering to "I am what I am and that’s all that I am," embrace change. It’s the one thing that’s constant. It’s also the driving force to get you back to the real you. Instead of being the person that other people expect, be the person you're meant to become for yourself and see what happens.

6. Quit striving for acceptance

Listen to what your Momma told ya: "Not everyone’s gonna like ya, love ya, and accept ya! Why? Because it’s the universe's way of teaching ya to like, love and accept yourself first." 

If your Momma didn’t say that, she should have!

7. Be comfortable in the discomfort

Allow the moment you feel uncomfortable about taking a stand to become a habit of being comfortable in the discomfort. The stronger the habit, the sooner you’ll become comfortable in the discomfort of being yourself and voila — you’re being yourself!

8. Practice, practice, practice failing

Not only must you stop being determined that you’re going to fail at being yourself, you must also practice failing to become yourself. Each time you fail at being yourself draws you one step closer to discovering the real you, instead of the false you that you’re trying to be.

9. Find mentors but don’t copy cat

Finding you sometimes means seeing yourself in others. That’s awesome, cool, and oh so fab, provided you let them mentor you, not turn you into an exact replica of them. Grab a glimpse of yourself in them and then go become a better, more individual you!

10. Believe beyond a shadow of a doubt

Whether it’s Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or Tinkerbell, at some point in time, you believed beyond a shadow of a doubt in something. You couldn’t quite grasp or didn’t know if it was really real, but you believed.

Now it’s time to do the same in order to be yourself. Trust and have faith beyond a shadow of a doubt that you being you is possible, and it will pay huge dividends in your life.

Does being you take work?

Yes, but it doesn’t have to be a mountain that you make out of a molehill. As what you focus on expands, set the intention to become more yourself this year.

Keep that intention and these recommendations clearly in focus and see how the real you expands to become what you want.

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