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Dressing For Success—In Love! How To Put Your Best Foot Forward

Personal Development Coach: How To Dress For Success In Love!

Your appearance can ignite (or put out) the passion in your relationship. I learned this myself through experience, and you're about to discover four secrets I discovered while living in Italy, Sweden, France and Tunisia. Men and women can use them to be more attractive and be desirable for years to come. After all, when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, your relationship is healthier.

My moment of realization came after my umpteenth remark in two weeks about being too busy to get a manicure and pedicure. My man finally remarked, "You said you'd never go out wearing chipped nail polish. What happened?"

This may sound trivial, but for a woman who has worked as a fashion designer in New York, as a couture tailor for a German atelier and modeled in Milan, it was embarrassing.

Worse yet, since I teach very successful women world-wide how to use the power of their presence and personality to attract the right, highest quality people personally and professionally as a personal development coach — it hurt to realize I wasn't walking my talk. 

How Men And Women Fall Into Style Ruts And Poor Grooming

At the start of a relationship we show up as our best selves, but as the newness wears off we tend to relax a bit. Work happens. Kids happen. Fatigue happens. Life happens. 

The nails go undone. You start wearing a ponytail. Then you're sporting a baseball cap and running to the grocery store — complete with flip-flops and sweats. One day, you're staring in the mirror asking, "Who is that frumpy woman?"

Men are not immune. I've talked to men who work so much, they skip showers. I wasn't surprised. Quite a few women complain about their man's poor hygiene. So what's the big deal if you don't take a shower for a day? What harm can running around in flip-flops and sweats do? 

4 Ways Poor Grooming and Style Ruts Ruin Relationships

They lower your self-image, confidence and energy. When you don't look (or smell) great, you don't feel great. This makes it extra hard for your partner to feel positively about you.

They make your partner feel like they are taken for granted. When you don't make an effort to be attractive to your partner, he or she will consciously or subconsciously feel you don't care enough about yourself or them to make an effort.

They make you feel like buddies. Letting it all hang out is okay with your friends, but too many days wearing sloppy clothing around your partner can turn physical attraction into a friend zone.

They cause you to drift apart. Going too many days without physical attraction is like going too many days without a sale in business. Eventually the company folds. Keep reading...

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