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About Reta Faye Walker

I’m a Relationship Therapist with over 25 years experience and more than 25,000 face-to-face hours helping individuals and couples live more consciously together or apart. I have learned a few things about relationships during this time. 

·       Couples need to fix problems now, so they can enjoy each other and return to life’s demands together. Many couples delay, hoping their struggles will dissipate magically or they wait for an open schedule. As a result, future problems create a fresh layer on the existing ones.

·       Positive change is time sensitive. There is no guarantee that a long time spent in therapy or on self-help will improve your relationship or make it shatter-proof. 

·       Couples need to stay focussed on solutions to their existing problems and take proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of future issues. 

·       Every relationship needs a healthy connection.

·       Many couples just skim the surface when they seek help, become overwhelmed with other stressors, give up and move on to more immediate demands. They may feel some relief and assume incorrectly that their relationship is now fixed. When issues arise later, couples feel helpless to make real changes and hopeless that their relationship is viable.

As I witnessed a change in couples, individuals and families, my passion grew to a new challenge.

To help one million couples find lasting love.

I attribute my success with couples to the development and refining of a six-part assessment tool that differentiates mine from other programs. For all the reasons listed above, I focussed on helping the busy couple or those who want to spend less time hurt and disappointed and more time in love.* This program, The Fast Track Relationship Fix is personalized and laser-focused on putting relationships back on track. I believe we are created for relationships and in this arena we can be at our most purposeful and balanced, providing a foundation for peace in families, communities, and the world.

*Learn more about the FTRF (the Fast Track Relationship Fix) at www.retafayewalker.com.


 My Journey

Divorced, widowed, and now happily in a third marriage, I draw from personal experience to help my client-community achieve unconditional love where the heart finds home.

My determination to help couples and families led me to Masters and Doctorate degrees and certifications, including Stress Management, Education, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Life Coaching.

My former career in Business, and studies in Philosophy and Theology, bring well-rounded value to clients. With me, they learn motivation, practical skills to achieve change and how to stay focused on desired results. They also learn discernment, balance and mindful centeredness.

I am based in Oakville, Ontario, offer virtual services worldwide, and practice as a Registered Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.


Reta Walker: Client Success Stories

Managing Life and Relationship

In middle age, I was drowning in the complexity of raising a family, managing a career, and maintaining a relationship that had evolved over time. Reta helped me understand and respond to deeper unrecognized needs, communicate to learn more about those around me, and collaborated with me to achieve the path of optimal health. I will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for a professional therapist.

Separated and Reconnecting

Reta-Faye has been instrumental in helping me navigate separation and reconnection to the same person. She’s gracious, compassionate, and wise. She honoured my spirituality during our time together and provided me with the tools needed to facilitate positive, lasting change.

She challenged me to be a better person so I can be at my best for those I love. I’m forever grateful for her counsel.

Improved Communication

When I could no longer fix my relationship on my own, I turned to Reta for help. She provided a safe space for my partner and me to share our struggles and frustrations. Through just a few sessions, Reta helped us enormously.  She gave us specific tools to improve our communication, understand our differences, and show love and appreciation for each other. With Reta’s guidance, we are now on the right path to growing and maintaining a loving and nurturing relationship. 

Strong Family and Marriage Relationships

I have been working with Reta for over 9 years. She has helped me with personal growth, and family and marriage relationships over the years.  My marriage would not be as strong as it is now if it weren't for Reta's support and skills. Reta encompasses the professional that you want to work with. She has the right balance of compassion, directness, and experience that are necessary to support you through life's challenges and she is still my go-to when I need support.

Strong Relationship

Reta helped me cope with confusion and disappointment in my relationship. Her patience and sound advice made all the difference. Reta is always there at times of crisis, she is someone you can count on when it comes to relationship matters. With her knowledge and experience, my partner and I are in a very good place in our relationship, learned to communicate better, and frequently check in with her to make sure we are on the right track, pursuing the love life that we both were longing for.

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