When To Start Dating After A Break Up Or Divorce

After a particularly painful break up or divorce, it’s crucial that you take the time to grieve and heal from the hurt. You have to learn to accept the separation and work on yourself, so when you DO reenter the dating world, you do so in a positive and constructive way, unburdened by any past baggage and poised to build a relationship that will withstand the test of time.

Just think about a professional singer, preparing for the performance of her life at Carnegie Hall. Do you think she just wakes up on opening night and wings it, hoping for the best? Of course not! She practices, hones her craft and makes sure she’s 100% prepared before she sets foot on that stage.

This is how you need to approach dating again after a big break up or divorce. By practicing, preparing and working on yourself so you can love and be loved in return. By learning how to view your break up or divorce as an experience – not a mistake – and by evaluating what you want to do differently the next time around.

Below are seven ways to tell if you’re REALLY ready to start dating again. If you still need to work on ANY of them, I encourage you to spend a bit more time healing.

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