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Radical Dating: Is It Possible to Find Love After 40?

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Thirty-five percent of U.S adults over 40 are single, and too many are frustrated with dating and trying to find lasting love. Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40 will shatter the myths about dating and inspire women and men to consciously find and create the lasting love they really want.

You might be wondering: What is Radical Dating? Radical Dating is a revolutionary approach to dating involving a specific mindset, dating strategies, self-discovery, life choices, understanding of relationships and the basic skills needed for successful dating and relationships.

Most women, especially women over 40, prefer committed relationships, yet we live in a time where more adults are single (47%) and fewer are getting married (51%) than ever in history. In addition, cohabitation (“shacking up” without commitment) has increased by over 1,200% over the past 30 years, with a failure rate of over 80%. Research clearly shows that commitment is the glue that makes long-term relationships work, yet fewer relationships are committed.

Join us as we follow three single women and two men (one gay) over 40 as they work with our team of certified relationship coaches to discover who they are, what they really want, and get into action to find lasting love.

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