5 Types Of Men You Should NEVER Date, Under Any Circumstances

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5 Types Of Men Who Should NEVER Become Your Boyfriend

These five men will keep you up at night, and not in a good way. If you want a boyfriend, run now. While the following types of men may reserve a special place in your heart and be good for a memory or two, they aren't ideal candidates for a serious relationship.

If a long-term romance is what you truly desire, it's best to avoid these men and not date them. While there are always exceptions to the rule, men who fit into these categories aren't likely to deliver the goods. They're bound to thrill you, disappoint you, frustrate you, and disappoint you again.

1. Mr. I'm Trying to End My Relationship: Many people, and most especially men, hold on to the one they're with until the next best thing comes along. Some of these people are cowards, others are jerks, and all aren't ready for a serious relationship with someone else if they can't even be honest with their current partner.

Besides, don't you want a man who has the courage to speak the truth? And if he did it to her, what makes you think he won't do it to you?

2. Mr. I Don't Date: He's also known as The Eternal Bachelor or Mr. Cheap and/or Lazy. Perhaps he's bitter. You'll recognize him when he starts talking about his "psycho ex-girlfriend." 

Whether he was burned by love or is the child of divorce, he thinks he doesn't want or need romantic love. He might change his mind when he meets a special girl, but until further notice, she isn't you. Don't waste your time investing in his potential.

3. Mr. I Have No Idea What I Want to Do With My Life: Many men need to figure out their life's purpose or at least find a job that they don't hate before they're ready to put the effort into a serious relationship with you. These types can be a bit scattered, as they're trying so desperately to find out who they are.

They are good guys in disguise. Remain Facebook friends and let fate take its course.

4. Mr. Let Me Pencil You In: The opposite of #4, this guy has it all figured out and is focused on his career and or/hobbies. When he says he doesn't have the time or energy for a serious relationship, believe him. Otherwise, good luck trying to compete for his attention. Often, music is his mistress.

5. Mr. Beer Pong: Meeting up with this recycled frat boy at overcrowded bars for overpriced Coronas doesn't count as a date. Mr. Beer Pong resembles Mr. I Don't Date, but his distinct feature is his reason for not dating that has a lot to do with his boozing and womanizing.

Let's just say his iPhone contains an overabundance of phone numbers from all-too-willing-just-turned-twenty-one-year-olds that he met at last call. Five beers and two text messages later, he realizes his life mission: to party like a rock star.

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