3 Steps To Strengthen Your Love Connection

love connection

If you are interested in attracting and maintaining love in your life, there is something you must pay attention to: the mind-body-connection. Singles and couples alike should always make an effort to be emotionally healthy in dating and relationships.

Here are 3 steps you should take for optimal emotional health:

1. Listen To Your Gut

Have you ever gone on a first date and just felt like something wasn't right? Like something about the date made you nervous and not in a good butterfly way? Or maybe you were stressed or anxious about going out with someone? That's your body trying to tell your mind something.

Don't ignore it. The time to listen to your gut is always — don't stop. A lot of times, people who've been cheated on instinctually knew. They realized something was wrong, the relationship was broken, or their partner was cheating. It's important to trust your instincts. Are You Psychic? The Simple Way To Tell If You Have A Sixth Sense

2. Recognize Your Emotions

You have them — even if you are a man! Haha, just kidding...sort of.  We all have feelings. Definitely be aware of how someone makes you feel and how you make you feel when you are around him or her. Know the difference between your thoughts and your emotions.

If you tend to be a negative thinker, you have to get rid of this. Have you heard of the the law of attraction? Your thoughts really do become your reality. If you think all men are jerks, you will actually encounter men who are jerks. If you believe nice guys finish last, you will finish last. Negative emotions and belief systems often wreak havoc on modern-day dating and relationships. 

3. Express Yourself Appropriately

First off, if you need to talk to someone you are dating about something serious, do it in person or on the phone. Don't hide behind text. Just like in the court of law, anything you do or say can and will be used against you on a date! Oversharing is the biggest crime committed by singles in the initial stages of dating. (Talking too much about themselves comes in as a close second.)

Even before they come to me, many of my clients know that they shouldn't talk about negative topics like family drama, exes, or health issues, but they get into these conversations anyway. They turn their dates off when they open up too quickly. Trust me, I know first hand how exausting this can be. (Want evidence? Check out this article in my reality dating blog about my first date with a guy who totally killed the mood with too much negative talk about his family.)  

In my dating coaching sessions, I teach clients how to proceed with caution when entering these murky waters of conversations. Situations are reframed, new patterns of communication are established, and second dates occur. Coaching can really help in this area. If you'd prefer to do-it-yourself, start by asking yourself: Are your date conversations creating opportunities for or threats to your love life? What I learned About Emotions...

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