How Empaths Can Protect Themselves From Other People’s Energy

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How Empaths Can Protect Themselves From Other People’s Energy

Are you an empath? Are you constantly feeling what everyone else is feeling? Is it hard for you to be in crowds or around people too much?

That is not healthy for you, so it's important to learn how to protect yourself as an empath, especially when you're surrounded by other people's energy.

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We all have control of what we absorb from other people — but most don't know that.

We always have control over ourselves.

When we leave ourselves too open, we pick up on everything that's not ours, which can only hinder us.

Feeling other people's "stuff" happens when you leave yourself too open and are focused too much on others. It's important to focus more on yourself and your own life.

Don't become distracted by others' energy and emotions.

Some are afraid of facing their own life, so they subconsciously create this as a distraction. If you are constantly dealing with other people's emotions, then you don't have to face your own.

Don't let others distract you from facing what you need to grow. When you are centered and living your purpose, there is no room to allow anyone else's energy in.

Fill yourself up with more of you, not everyone else.

You are here on Earth to express yourself and learn who you are separate from everyone else, not to be feeling what everyone else is feeling.

On the other side, we are all one and sometimes can't tell where we end and where someone else begins.

We arrive on Earth so we can see and learn ourselves. The physical realm is the only way to do that.

Constantly absorbing everyone else's energy and feelings only steers you off of your path and distracts you from your purpose. It can also cause mental and physical health problems.

It's important to stay in your own energy.

If you are a medium or spiritual worker and use other people's energy to connect and worry about losing that, know that you don't ever have to envelop yourself in it and allow it in.

It does not ever have to enter your field to be useful. You can just observe it from the outside without actually allowing it in.

Picture it like you are observing a movie. You can watch and get everything important without actually experiencing what you're seeing.

It's actually a lot more intuitive that way, because you aren't clouded and distracted by feeling emotions that aren't yours.

From now on, don't allow absorbing the energy to be an option.

Observe from the outside and do not allow yourself to take it in. Know that you have control and use your control.

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Here are the 5 steps you need to take in order to gain control as an empath.

1. Know that it is not happening to you and that you have control over it.

You're the only one allowing it and it cannot happen if you don't allow it. Obviously, you probably don't realize you are allowing it.

Nothing ever just happens to us — it's all attracted to us by our choices and actions. So, knowing that and feeling strong in your control is the first step.

2. Don't be so focused on other people.

Really put more focus into your own life and your purpose.

Don't allow anyone or anything to distract you from why you are here on Earth in the first place.

3. Visualize your energy.

So after you are clear that you — and only you — have control over you, after you've stopped focusing so much on others and started focusing more on your life, you can now visualize in your mind, body, and personal space.

See it and know that it is yours and only yours. Do not allow other people's energy in and be sure to not give too much of your energy out, or yours will be depleted.

When your energy is depleted, you are no good to anyone! Feel your own energy — know that it is yours and only your energy is allowed.

4. Visualize a protective barrier around you.

Basically, that barrier is holding your energy in and not allowing your energy out inappropriately.

Notice if you feel any leaks or openings in that barrier and reinforce those spots.

Feel strong in your energy and your energy only.

Know that you can accomplish all you want by just observing others' energy when needed, you never have to absorb and actually live it.

It is actually inappropriate to absorb other people's energy and isn't our place to do so. It is not our business.

5. Be clear with your spirit guides.

Don't allow other people's energy into your space and know that this will be so. When you need to tap into other people's energy, just connect with it without allowing it in.

Just observe it, don't live it! Visualize it like a movie.

Always feeling other people's energy only holds you back. Learning to control it and focusing more on what your energy feels like will help you to grow to a higher spiritual level.

Let go of all of that extra stuff bogging you down and feel that relief and peace!

Once you do that you can live and achieve your purpose so much more without the weight of others holding you back and distracting you.

It's time to know and relish in what your own wonderful energy feels like without it being clouded by everyone else's!

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