How Decluttering Can Help Improve Your Love Life & Finances

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How Decluttering Can Help Improve Your Love Life & Finances

Are you holding on to old things you don't need anymore? Are you holding onto feelings from the past?

Here's why letting go is so vital in order to get who or what you want.

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Decluttering is not just for physical items.

We all have a certain amount of energetic space in our lives. When that is filled up, there's no room for anything else. This will keep you stuck where you are indefinitely.

When you hold onto things — physically or emotionally — that are no longer needed or relevant, it prevents you from moving forward.

When your space is filled with things you don't need or want, it blocks something or someone you do need or want from coming in.

Having a lot of clutter can actually act as a shield when trying to find love.

Clutter puts off energy of, "I don't have room for love," and will actually block it.

It also tells the world that you haven't fully dealt with your past. It is a signal that there is emotional baggage you need to deal with, which also repels love.

Emotional clutter goes hand in hand with physical clutter.

Having a lot of clutter goes hand and hand with emotional clutter. If you have a lot of clutter, it's a sign that there are things from your past you haven't fully dealt with. It's important to do so, so you can move forward.

After emotions are built up and undealt with on the inside, it will start to show physically in your outer world, especially in the form of clutter.

So, do you have a lot of physical clutter?

If so, it's not only important to deal with that, but also to deal with the emotions that lead you there.

Look back on things that you never fully dealt with. Let yourself feel those emotions deeply and fully. Really let them out and release them. Holding them in is so toxic.

Make room for some new wonderful emotions, and let the old go.

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If you want to find true love, it's important to settle your emotional and physical home first.

When you look at your home, what does it say? Does it say, "I'm full and there's no room for anything else"?

If so, really take care of it. You want your home to say, "I'm ready and open for great things and people to come in."

Clutter can also block you from manifesting money. 

Clutter can affect every area of your life. Taking care of it can make a big difference very fast, not only physically but emotionally, as well.

Start by looking at things you no longer need or use.

Ask yourself why you are still holding onto them in the first place. Are you holding onto them to hold onto the past in some way?

Really holding onto the past will always stop you from moving forward and from creating a happy life right now. The past is over, but you can create even better future for yourself right now! Let go not only physically, but emotionally.

Some people hold onto stuff they no longer need out of fear of not having enough in the future. This behavior is an attempt to soothe that fear.

The problem is doing this is that it will block you from having enough. Because holding on is telling the Universe that you won't have enough in the future, so you need to hold onto everything.

Since you create your life, the universe will say, "As you wish!" and will make it so you don't have enough in the future.

Really look deep and start purging, both physically and mentally. Let go of what you don't need anymore, so you can attract someone or something you want now.

Leave room for someone or something wonderful to show up in your life!

Make room physically and emotionally and see what happens. You will be so happy you did!

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