How Adapting To Change Could Be Holding You Back — And What You Can Do About It

Adaptation may be keeping you stuck.

How Adapting To Change Could Be Holding You Back Getty

What changes are you adapting to in your life?

Yes, adapting to change is an important part of life. We need to adapt when things don't go as planned or to a new situation.

But sometimes, adapting can actually be negative for us. So, how do you avoid that?

It's important to not adapt to things that keep us stuck in what we don't want.

For instance, if you're in a bad relationship, just adapting to it and making it a new normal is harmful to you.


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Don't allow yourself to adapt to negative situations and just stay there.

Instead, use your energy to make changes and get out. There are always changes you can make.

Another common one is those adapting to jobs they hate. Yes, you need a job. But instead of just resigning to the fact that you hate your job and just living with it, start making changes.

You could start classes or training towards something you would love to do. You could also start looking for something else.

Even small changes in the right direction will make you feel better.


So, look into your life closely. What have you adapted to? Are there things you would be better off removing from your life, not just adapting to?

Look at adaptation as a tool to survive in certain emergency situations. Don't overuse that tool and just be okay with staying in something you don't want — that leaves you stuck.

We all have many paths and choices open to us. But sometimes, our adapting energy can make us feel like this is our only choice.

Don't get comfortable in a place you don't want to be.

If you feel that you don't like it, use that to push yourself to get out of that situation. Don't use adapting as a crutch to make you OK with staying in a situation you aren't OK with.


You can change so many situations with just a little effort, so don't lie to yourself and convince yourself that is your only option.

Yes, it may take some work and effort — change can be scary.

But staying stuck where you aren't happy is a whole lot scarier.

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When pain comes up or there's something you don't like, that's a sign to do something different and make changes.

If you have pain, you don't want to learn to live with it and you don't just put a bandaid on it or do something for the symptoms — you'll want to get to the root of the problem and fix it.

Many of us just adapt and let the pain keep going.


Remember that there's always a way to make changes.

We have all gotten so used to adapting but we never tried to change our circumstances instead!

First, look at what you're adapting to in your life. Who or what situations do you not want but are simply adapting to? What pain are you just living with?

Really look deep in one area before you start making some changes to get out of that situation. A lot of times, just making changes in one area will help other areas as well.

We are all in control of our lives.

So, get back in the driver's seat and turn off cruise control!

Know that you have the full power to make changes and that you don't have to just adapt and muddle through.


So next time a situation comes up, think twice before you just adapt to it and numb the pain.

Use that pain to push yourself to make changes instead. Pain, anxiety, depression, no sleep — these are always signs that some changes need to be made.

Listen to those signs, don't just ignore them!

Adapting to things consistently uses a lot of energy and takes that energy away from where you would really like to use it.

So, from now on, use your adapting energy for emergencies only. Don't allow yourself to just adapt to anything or anyone you really don't want in your life!

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