The Full, Unfiltered Truth About The G-Spot (GUYS Have Them Too!)

Get ready for your BEST. ORGASM. EVER.

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Have you heard rumors about the male G-spot? Are you wondering if the male G-spot really exists, and if so, where to find it? We're here to separate the myths from the facts once and for all so you can know everything there is to know about the male G-spot orgasm

To understand the male G-spot, we first have to be clear about the female G-spot.

G-spot is short for Grafenburg spot, and is an area inside the vagina where many women experience intense sensation. For decades, doctors and sex experts have been debating about the existence of the G-spot, most agreeing that it does exist but unable to precisely define the anatomical structure.


Some refer to the G-spot as the female prostate. Others refer to the prostate as the male G-spot.

This link can't be denied — it seems that these two areas have a lot in common!

Despite outward appearances, men and women have WAY more in common than most of us believe. During fetal development, we all have the same parts until many weeks into gestation, when the genitals start to differentiate according to the sex of the baby. But men and women have what doctors call anatomical homologues — matching parts that share similar structure and function.

The head of the penis is the match to the clitoris. The testicles are the match to the ovaries. And, many believe, the G-spot is the match to the prostate.


Both the G-spot and the prostate are wrapped around the urethra just under the bladder. They both swell during arousal. They both emit fluid that is released as part of the sexual response. And, happily, they both are sensitive to stimulation and create deep, full bodied pleasure when they are stimulated.

Both the G-spot and the male G-spot tend to feel best when stimulated while integrating both genital and full body stimulation. So if you are exploring G-spot stimulation, make sure to include the rest of the body. Include the thighs, chest, heart and breasts to create the highest states of arousal.

Sexual researchers will continue to map out male and female sexual anatomy with more precision in the coming years. In the meantime, we can all enjoy the pleasures available to us through our sexual anatomy — whatever we choose to call it.

So whether you like calling it the male G-spot, the P-spot or the prostate, don't hesitate to explore the intense orgasmic pleasure it offers you or the man in your bed.


Most men that explore the male G-spot report the most intense, pleasurable orgasms they've ever experienced come from a combination of prostate and penis stimulation. Once you have mastered this skill, you can add new dimensions of pleasure to the male erotic experience whenever you choose.

Some men are hesitant to explore the male G-spot out of fear of the unknown. Our culture doesn't usually include the male G-spot in discussions of male sexuality, so it becomes taboo for men to desire or ask for male G-spot stimulation. As more men tap into the pleasures of the male G-spot, it will become less taboo and more men will feel permission to ask their partners to explore.

Other men worry that enjoying anal play makes them gay. We hear this concern from men from all over the world, who associate male G-spot exploration and other forms of anal stimulation with homosexuality.

The truth is, all men share the same sexual anatomy, no matter what their sexual orientation. All men can enjoy the intense pleasures of prostate stimulation, just like all men, straight and gay alike, can enjoy blow jobs.


The male G-spot is a central part of male sexual anatomy and the prostate is involved in every ejaculation a man has, whether or not it is being directly stimulated. So why not choose to explore the pleasurable potential of the male G-spot and see what new levels of arousal and orgasmic power you can unlock?

If you have any questions about the male G-spot, prostate massage or any other sexual questions you want answered, don't hesitate to be in touch. We are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way as you create the sex life of your dreams. 

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