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About Pegotty and Randy Cooper

You may be experiencing the devastating impact of divorce in which:
• Divorce overwhelms everything!
• Divorce takes away your dignity and confidence.
• Divorce “breaks” families instead of “restructuring” them.
• Divorce destroys relationships and alienates even close friends!

As a motivated and intelligent person you may be surprised that you can be so impacted by divorce:
• Dealing with immense feelings of guilt or failure; or
• Being ground down by the adversarial nature of divorce.
• Feeling incompetent and overwhelmed by this new unwanted experience; and
• Feeling alone and lonely and wondering if you will ever be able to love again!

If you are looking for results such as:
• Greater clarity, confidence and courage for the journey – before, during and after divorce;
• Becoming a client who is heard;
• Communicating and advocating effectively for your needs
• Being the best you as parent, negotiator, friend, family member and employee.
• Being proud of how you handled the challenges of divorce, or
• You just want peace of mind –

If you are a smart professional experiencing divorce – a divorce coach can help you through the rough spots; be your sounding board and thinking partner, helping you to avoid the biggest mistakes people make in divorce that lead to ongoing legal and financial turmoil. Please visit the Find-a-Divorce Coach page and contact a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® for a complimentary Discovery Session.

If you are a helping professional and work with people in divorce, we respect that you want to do the best job you can to help your clients through the rough spots in their divorce and are committed to getting the most current training to help you do that.  The CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Program is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and approved for Continuing Coach Education credits.

We offer a free peek into choices you could make to ease the struggle of divorce and be better prepared for dealing with the overwhelm of divorce in the free download from our book: Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes. Go to our website www.certifieddivorcecoach.com , enter your name and email and you will get an instant download.

And we invite you to register for a free webinar each month to explore the question "Is Divorce Coaching for You?" or webinars on each of "The Six Biggest Mistakes in Divorce". Look on the calendar on that same site to see next scheduled webinar and register by clicking on the link.

As Co-founders of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Program®, we believe that together we can change the experience of divorce through the transformational power of divorce coaching.

And our mission is to provide a simplified process and professional standards to get consistent results and reduce the overwhelm for the client and divorce coach alike; and to create an environment where the client can reconnect with who they are at their best and change how they experience the process of divorce. 

Pegotty and Randy Cooper are the co-founders of the College for Divorce Coaching which trains divorce coaches.  Both have been divorced.  And both understand how divorce impacts families and jobs and families and communities.

Pegotty spent many years as an executive in both Fortune 100 companies and in international trade associations and professional societies motivating boards, staff, and members or customers. Trained as a coach in 2002, Pegotty has coached people in many different areas related to difficult and challenging times: conflict, divorce, job loss, relocation and starting all over again just when you thought you should be enjoying the fruits of your lifetime of labor! 

Randy Cooper has spent over 30 years as a financial services professional, a CFP and CDFA, which lead him to become a Supreme Court of Florida Certified Family Mediator and to start working with couples in the divorce process.  After he got certified as a Financial Coach, the light bulb went on for him and he realized that divorce coaching is missing from the whole process of divorce.

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