5 Subtle Signals That She (Or He!) Is In The Mood For S-E-X

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How to Tell If a Man Or Woman Wants Sex With You

In this day and age, sexual consent is the name of the game. Confusion over whether a man or woman (who seems to have been flirting with you all night) — and whether or not they really want sex with you — can abound.

That problem doesn't necessarily go away during marriage

There are times when a husband might seriously just want a back rub and cuddle — and doesn’t feel like summoning the energy for a full-out sex session after the day he’s had. There are times when a wife wants that rousing sex session, but is playing it too coyly to tell her husband that she wants sex.

After all, she might be used to men chasing her for sex — and doesn’t necessarily know how to approach her guy for sex without seeming too forward or desperate.

So how do you know if your spouse wants sex? My husband and I have learned to send each other signals of sorts that can help uncross those confusing sex symbols:

1. Check out their breathing.

If you haven’t yet pulled out your obvious symbol of sex, you can always check out how a person is breathing. When desire rises, for some reason, some folks tend to breathe slower and deeper when they are around you. Use that as a signal that sex could be on the way.

2. Listen to their voice.

Softening the tone of voice when speaking to a person is another signal that the person could be really into you — and might want to "speak in tongues", so to speak. Especially if you notice that person speaking in normal or harsher tones to others — but turns to you and softens his or her voice.

3. Watch their eyes.

Yes, the eyes are the proverbial windows to the soul — and if a man or woman makes lots of direct eye contact and holds that eye contact with your gaze, there could be a connection that leads to lovemaking.

4. They say, "I want to have sex with you."

Sometimes life isn’t so hard. There are times when you might be giving your husband a massage — and his sexual desire become apparent. Other times, a long and lingering dinner with several glasses of wine might make it obvious that your wife is feeling randy.

Then there are the obvious times when a person leaves all the guesswork behind and tells you that they want you — ASAP.

Whether it’s a clear desire or a situation that leads to as much detective work as an episode of Dateline NBC or 48 Hours, sexual desire can be discerned — and hopefully, joyfully fulfilled.