Don't Sabotage Your Marriage By CHEATING! Try These 7 Tips


Spice UP your marriage before looking elsewhere!

Each wedding anniversary celebration that rolls around is a testament to the fact that the wife and husband didn’t kill each other the previous year. And while it can feel so good to count the 1st, 5th, 15th and 30th years on greeting cards, the real stories reside within how couples actually made it there without running off with another.

Before ditching the person that might be your God-given soul mate, try these 7 things to spice up your marriage:

#1Do something wild and crazy

Most affairs happen because the marriage has grown boring. Counteract that fact by surprising your mate with some unexpected excursion. Go for zip-line explorations in Vegas, chocolate sauce massages in Hershey, PA—or airboat rides in the Everglades. Do something different.

#2Give in

Don’t give in to temptation, but perhaps give in to the adventures your spouse has been begging you to try. Sure, you might not want to play 18 holes of golf with your husband or a round of strength training with your wife sounds scary—but if they’ve asked you to try it, you may as well give it a go. This extends to the bedroom as well. Not that a person should compromise their morals, beliefs or give in to any kind of sexual abuse—but exploring a bit into realms whereby the other mate suggests something kinky could help bring satisfaction.

#3Keep sex alive

Get low libido issues taken care of. Address erectile dysfunction in men or vaginal dryness in women to the best of your ability in order to make your sex life as hot as an affair. Don’t bury your head in the sand out of shame or hope the problem goes away. Chances are, unless both partners aren’t that interested in sex, the love life is of high priority. And if they’re not getting action from you, it could be easy to get it elsewhere.

#4Sneak around

Get out of the bedroom and make love in the minivan once in a good while, or within a comfy tent in the backyard or at a swanky hotel in town. Mix it up and invest in your marriage because that might be cheaper and less painful than a divorce, alimony and child support payments.

#5Get in shape

It goes without saying but addressing health issues of obesity and sedentariness can help cure depression, improve your state of mind and make you more attractive in your own eyes and your spouse’s eyes.

#6Remember the beginning

Think about the crazy times when you first fell in love and kissed passionately in public or sneaked around—planning one secret rendezvous after the other. Consider the deep connection you may enjoy as comrades and friends, and think twice about losing that.

#7Say yes to counseling

If your husband or wife wants to get counseling, it’s for a reason. It might be their way of silently crying out for more. Heed the warning and bite the bullet and go. Again, a cool counselor might be better than sitting in divorce mediations.