Why Women Have A 'Smell' When Having Sex

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Smelling Sexy Is Important During Sex With Him

I am a master of scents. In a treasure box at my bedside, and in my purse, and inside the deep recesses of my gym bag — I carry a varying amount of essential oils and perfumes. 

Whether it’s the rose oil in a carrier oil that I drizzle on my face after a good steaming, the lavender oil I slather on my body day and night or the array of oils like cedar, rosemary or peppermint that I massage into my scalp, I’m like a walking apothecary.

I even went so far as to order the "Scent of Eros Oil For Women" from Amazon — a potent mix of pheromones — just to see how folks would react to the scent.

I think my husband likes it. I didn’t tell him about my little experiment. But overall, I believe wearing it makes me more chatty and outgoing and have faith that I’m all come-hither-ish, and therefore, I am more come-hiter-ish.

Smells make a difference during sex  emit good sh*%!


It’s long been known that scents play a role in overall attractiveness and attitude. Beyond the visual and the auditory, scents are right up there in the realm of the five senses.

After all, most folks aren’t going to taste us — and after sight and sound — smelling and touch go hand in hand with our appeal. Good scents and great oils can affect both how soft we feel and how good smell, important stuff for us females.

When it comes to feminine odor, that’s a whole new ballgame.

I’ve heard horror stories of guys who’ve been turned off by fishy-smelling women. At the same token, I’ve heard horror stories from women who’ve experienced all sorts of ailments that affect how they smell — even if they’ve taken 20 showers.

So making sure our health is optimized inside and out — soul, body and Holy Spirit-filled — is essential when it comes to the smell that emanates from us, beneath all the perfumes.


Interestingly, if there are good smells coming from us, our natural odors can still be attractive (farts not necessarily included). But if we have a great spiritual flow going, those smells can still attract others even after drenching ourselves in sweat after an hour-long boot-camp session.

And it doesn’t hurt to place interesting scents everywhere — without overwhelming others with too much smell.

Sprinkling lemon oils, grapefruit essence and clove bud oil in our shoes, lingerie drawer, in our hair (both weave and real parts) can go a long way towards providing interesting signature scents.

Spritzing J. Lo’s Miami Glow — with its coconutty scent — or Michael Kors in the air of a bedroom can evoke a sexy mood for your husband upon entering the door.

Burning scented candles of vanilla or other scents that men like can not only bring literal warmth and visual interest, but add a scent to the home that makes it seem like you’re baking something special even when you haven’t turned on the oven in days.

The point is not to cover up bad odors — at least not fundamentally — but to get to the root of any bad smells, get rid of them, and add atop of the beautiful natural odor that some men already love additional scents that make us irresistible.

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