6 Brutal Truths About Loving A Guy Who's More Stylish Than You

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6 Brutal Truths About Loving A Guy Who's More Stylish Than You

Are fashionable men your thing? Stylish, metrosexual, ubersexual — who could deny the hotness of these guys? There’s just something sophisticated about a guy who chooses loafers over tennis shoes, or a blazer over a hoodie.

However, if you’re going to date a fashionable guy, there are some practical things you need to know. They have particular needs, and come with specific spending and space requirements. Check out this dating advice to get a better understanding.

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1. His collection of accessories is likely massive.

If your boyfriend's employer requires him to wear a suit, there are only a handful of things he can do to stand out or look different. Fortunately, this is where accessories come into play. 

Men’s fashion accessories include things like cufflinks, tie bars, lapel pins, bracelets, pocket squares, and watches. These things add up over time, and a fashionable guy may have a very large collection. Don’t be alarmed at the sheer quantity of his bling.

2. He probably spends a lot on ties.

While it may seem odd that a small strip of fabric could cost so much, the reality is that neckties and bow ties can be expensive.

While a collection of 20 ties may not look very big, the cumulative price tag could be a thousand dollars or more. And while neckties are always a staple in every man’s closet, bow ties are becoming increasingly fashionable among young professionals who have eschewed the traditional tie.

3. His watch may be nicer than your engagement ring.

Just like you feel like there’s a purse for every occasion, your boyfriend may feel like there’s a nice watch for every occasion. If he has the basics down — including a trusty sports watch, classic luxury watch, out-of-the-box bling watch, vintage watch, and unique or amusing watch — then he probably qualifies as a fashionable guy. 

While you may pull out your phone to check the time, your boyfriend prefers to “check his timepiece.” That’s code for, “I’m a watch connoisseur.” While this is fine, you have to realize that his luxury watch may cost more than your future diamond ring.

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4. His shoe collection may take up more room in the closet than yours.

It’s not uncommon for fashionable men to have more than a dozen pairs of shoes in their closet. Some of the staples include running shoes, leather loafers, boat shoes, oxfords, dress boots, casual boots, and house slippers.

While your typical guy has a collection of these shoes, a fashionable guy will have two or three pairs of each style. 

5. He's going to dress to impress when he meets your parents.

One of the biggest concerns most women have about introducing someone they’re dating to their parents is that they’ll come off as sloppy or disheveled. Never underestimate the power of a nice wardrobe in making a strong first impression.

In this category, he's gonna have it covered. You may actually have to ask him to tone it down.

6. He will take a long time to get ready.

Most guys take 15 or 20 minutes — including shower time — to get ready. Your guy likely will be in the bathroom for upwards of half an hour, trying on different outfits and style combinations.

Instead of being frustrated over the fact that your boyfriend spends more time getting ready than you do, be thankful that he chooses a well-pressed button down over a Walmart t-shirt for a night out on the town.

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