Newlyweds? Add Some Sexy Foods To Jumpstart Your Honeymoon

Sex Educator: How To Use Food To Spice Up Your Sex Life

You won't need to order curry to add some spice to your honeymoon!

Congratulations! You and your sweetie have fallen in love with your hearts and gotten married. Now it's time to fall in love with your stomachs. Food is a powerful aphrodisiac that will add spice to your life and, for adventurous newlyweds, your honeymoon. But here's a tip: lose the whipped cream and edible panties — so boring and predictable. Read on to learn new, creative and exciting ways to have fun with food. Grab a fan because it's about to get hot in here!

Restaurant Food

Public displays of affections are always a turn on. Do not be surprised if other diners eavesdrop, give you strange looks, or make comments. That is half the fun!   

  • Go to a restaurant that serves fondue. Poke, dip, and lick the fondue off your's and your spouse's fingers. Whisper promises of what you are going to do to them later in bed.
  • Order a plate of pasta and request one sausage and two meatballs. When your food arrives, arrange the sausage and meatballs into the "proper position". With a knife or finger stroke the sausage as you describe every action to your husband. Put the whole meatball into your mouth and look loving into his eyes.
  • Steamed clams, mussels, or oysters will work well for an image of a perfect woman part. Pick up the shell and suck out the seafood while making slurping noise to put a smile on your wife’s face.
  • Dessert can be two scoops of ice cream that can represent parts of the male and female anatomy. Discuss and compare the dessert to your human desserts. 
  • Vanilla custard is a great symbolism for semen and makes a great conversation. For couples who want children, you can discuss the race to impregnate the egg. 

Picnic Food

Whether you are staying local or travelling aboard, there is always a local grocery store that has plenty of sexy food available. You just have to get creative and visualize the potential. Newlyweds can use these foods for an indoor or outdoor picnic.

  • Pull the stems off of one or two apples or pears and rub the tops like you would a nipple. Squeeze the fruit like a pair of breast.
  • Dried pineapple rings have the perfect holes to demonstrate some fancy finger action.
  • Avocados halves are another great representation of a woman's vagina. Why use a spoon when your tongue and finger works just as well?
  • Popsicle are so slippery when wet. It can be licked, sucked, and make great up and down motions in the mouth.
  • Feeding grapes are well known throughout the ages. Take it a step further by using grapes to role play with. One spouse can be the slave feeding the master, the next night switch parts.
  • Couples can have fun with food that doesn’t have to be an aphrodisiac or look like parts of the anatomy. Instead let your inner-child out and have a food fight! Throw food at each other, wrestle in food, or pour food on each other. Find interesting ways to clean each other off. This would work best with a tarp on the ground or in an area easy to clean up. Who needs an expansive cleaning bill or kicked out of a hotel forever?

Remember that sexy foods not only works well on the honeymoon, but can keep the love and sex strong for long, lasting marriages.

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