5 Ways To Channel Your Inner Bitch (Without Actually BEING One!)

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5 Ways to Access Your Inner Bitch (Without Being One)

You — yes, YOU — need your inner bitch to stand up for what you believe is right, to get what you truly deserve, and to achieve great things.

And, you do NOT need to be mean or controlling to access your inner bitch

​Your inner bitch doesn't have to be bitchy. She needs to be powerful.

Who is your inner bitch? 

She is your female power.

​Your inner bitch ​is the focus you need to achieve great things in life, love and​ work. S​he is your advocate and your best friend, and she knows exactly how you can succeed.​

So, why does being a bitch have such a bad rap?

The inner bitch is portrayed in society as​ successful, strong woman who, because she is strong, is therefore ​also seen as ​mean, controlling and sometimes manipulative.​

​The bitch has gotten a bad rap because she sees what she wants and she goes out and gets it.  

She has been blamed for female success.​

Female power is scary to people, so we tend to make the bitch out to be bad, when actually, the inner bitch is our motivator.​

No matter what, women need our inner bitch for success!​  ​

The bitch innately knows how to get the job done.​ That's the reason most women of success are labeled as bitchy. The bitches are the go-getters, CEO's, and leaders of change who speak up for what they want and use their power to achieve great things.

Bitchy is knowing what you want, asking for it, receiving it and achieving it​.

The bitch has been denegraded by society for too long as:

  • Controlling
  • Self-centered
  • Mean 
  • Backstabbing
  • Man-eating

When really she is quite simply:

  • Successful 
  • Beautiful
  • Social
  • Wealthy
  • Strong
  • Powerful
  • High-achieving
  • Loving
  • Sexual
  • Healthy

Your inner bitch is the one who is looking out for you and has your back at all times. The bitch will not allow ​low self esteem, negativity or self-sabotage to stand in her way. She will not back down for what she believes is right, and she is NOT AFRAID of what people may think or say about her.

​Here are 5 ways you can access your inner bitch to find immediate success!

1. Speak up.  

Your inner bitch wants you to speak your truth. She wants you to talk, share and speak about what you feel. You deserve to be heard and have a voice. 

Do not hold back your words, as they are powerful tools for your success. Positive words of encouragement help you access your full potential.

2. Know what you want.

Spend time tapping into the power you have inside to discover what you really want from life. Your inner bitch wants you to live a life of fulfillment and pleasure. She wants you to play, have fun and get what you want out of life. 

Ask your inner bitch what you NEED in your life. It may be love, stress release, time off or more play time.

3. Believe in yourself. 

You deserve success. Start to believe that you deserve to receive what you want. When you begin to believe in yourself your inner bitch will be very happy. She wants you to have amazing things in life. 

The bitch doesn't like a mundane, dry boring life. She wants a juicy and playful life. 

4. Make friends that support you. 

Quite in contrast to the bitch who has no friends — or who had friends she tries to control — your inner bitch wants you to associate with other women who can and will help you rise to the top. She wants you to have close companions who will support you, women who can help you believe in yourself and access great things from life. 

Make sure to cultivate a small group of trusted bitch sisters you can bear your soul to, and who help you feel good about yourself.

5. Be emotional. 

Women get a bad rap for their emotions, but without your feelings you dry up and become the cranky ugly bitch. 

Fear and shut down are not good for your inner bitch and her desires. You need the emotional fire to feel your passion and power. This is what drives success. 

​Use these inner bitch tools to help you choose to be strong. 

They will give you the confidence to achieve great things in life — because you deserve to feel amazing about yourself.

Dr. Pam Denton is a Leadership Performance Coach who works with women in business who want to rise to the top — or who are at the top and want to find more balanced empowerment. One of her main strategies is getting women to access inner power and the inner bitch to succeed with confidence and overcome self doubt. For more information visit