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29 Unique & Thoughtful Gift Ideas For The People You Love (Even If You Waited To The Last Minute)

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The Best Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriends, Best Friends & New Moms

Sure, the thought definitely counts when it comes to finding the best Christmas gift ideas, wouldn't it be even better if you found the ideal presents your favorite people will really love, use, and remember you for? Something they want and need, too?

(Even if you totally waited until the very last minute to pick it out?)

What do you give the people you most care about?

Here are 29 of the best Christmas gift ideas in 2018 for those special people in your life.

For Your BFF

1. Fancy Chocolates

Assorted Chocolates, Amazon

I could just throw the name out there and that’s all that’s needed to entice you. Because, let’s face it, everyone loves (translation: is obsessed with) See’s.

The holiday special truffles are worth the full year wait to sink your teeth into and let your tongue luxuriate on. Not sure what would be most delicious for her? Then just go with the Gold Fancy Box or box of classic Lollypops. You won’t go wrong. It’s the perfect new mom, best friend, hostess, or gift to give the hospital staff when you go into labor! Yes, buy them here and get your See’s, please!

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2. Fancy Outdoor Wine Glasses

Stainless Steel Champagne Flute, Amazon or Snowfox

Outdoor wine "glasses" shouldn't look cheap. In fact, they deserve to be celebratory and beautiful, just like your outdoor festivities!

Beyond being beautiful and fun, these Snowfox white and gold unbreakable stainless steel stemless wine glasses are also insulated, keeping your libations perfectly chilled even in the outdoor heat or humidity. Buy them here and let the party begin!

3. Backyard Candles

5 Ounce Soy Wax Candles, $10/each, Backyard Candles

As much as you want beautiful candles outdoors for your backyard entertaining, you don’t want breakable glass dangerously teetering on the porch ledge or around the fire pit. Which is why these Backyard candles are exactly what your entertaining-obsessed BFF needs!

Coconut shells serve as the container, holding essential oil and fragrance soy candles in scents like plumeria, lavender, coffee and cream, etc. Plus, they also have warming winter scents like maple, fresh picked apples, and bourbon. Any outdoor entertainer needs these. Buy them here and light up your backyard!

4. Old School Journals, Automatically Digitized

The Everlast Notebook, Amazon or Rocketbook

He’s old school in that he likes to put pen to paper when writing notes or during his morning journaling. But he’s torn in that he wishes his notes were digitally recorded (without have to transcribe them). Plus, there are stacks of notebooks that he wishes didn't clutter his desk.

The Everlast notebook by Rocketbook is the answer. It feels like a traditional notebook, but the endlessly reusable paper connects to the cloud, allowing all of his ideas to instantly be transcribed, searchable and organized. The notebook comes with a specialized pen. Buy the set here and make the magic happen!

5. Some Lip

COSMO, Amazon or The Lip Bar

Sometimes she just wants to feel super sexy. The Lip Bar's rich lip saturating colors will instantly make her feel sexy. Plus, the black lace-like lipstick container will remind her to up the ante with her outfit too, even before she puckers up. Buy it here and let your BFF feel fabulous!

6. Monthly Pampering At Home

Moonbox Subscription Box, from $22/month

She wants to feel pampered, but not in the super luxurious sort of way. She’s more of a crystals, astrology, star alignment type of girl. Moonbox is a monthly subscription box that truly aligns with the lunar cycle and will satisfy her self-care & self-love needs. Boxes may include crystals, crystal jewelry, crystal-infused candles, and bath salts, and descriptions of how to best utilize each month’s healing stones. Get a Moonbox for your BFF right here.

7. So Good Body Scrub

Orange Sunflower Sugar Body Scrub With Mango Butter, $29, Hhoneycup

Your BFF will want to eat it...and she could! But it would be better if she spreads it on her skin. Natural beauty queens can't get enough of this organic Orange Sunflower Sugar Body Scrub infused with Mango Butter. Yeah, it's pretty much edible, but even better to nourish the skin and calm the mind. Get it for her here!

8. Roses For A Year

9-Rose Box (Classic), From $84-$94, Saaya Rose

She loves roses, but hates how quickly they die. Not these! Saaya Roses are real Ecuadorian roses and hydrangea arrangements that are uniquely preserved to look and smell fresh for over a year without water. Sure, they are more expensive than your average floral bouquet, but your average floral bouquet is dead in 5 days. And then you need to buy more and more and more.

These seriously gorgeous florals will make her feel special every time she looks at them for over a year! I love the purple sterling roses and the many shades of pink. Get her a pretty bouquet here!

9. A Perk Up Your Heartbroken BFF

Encyclopedia for the Betrayed, Amazon

Encyclopedia for the Betrayed is the perfect book to perk up your heartbroken BFF! Sometimes, a little pity party can help her to get out from under it, over it, help her feel comforted, and heal, and feel empowered! Part memoir, part encyclopedia, and part crowd-sourced advice from other heartbroken souls, she will love the honest, funny, and wise stories of love, betrayal, and heartbreak. Help her heal her broken heart here!

Your BF

10. Fresher Smoothies

SANS 16 oz. Glass Bottle With Silicone Sleeve, Amazon or Sans-Bottle

Is he all about his home-blended green juices, protein shakes, and liquid meals? After a day, even after a few hours sitting in a typical juice container the drink can lose their fresh flavor. Enter SANS vacuum seal bottle that maintains the original freshness that can last up to 7 days.

Now, drinks can be stored in the refrigerator and stay fresh just like store-bought green drinks, smoothies, and protein shakes. Get one for him here.

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11. Handsome Handmade Wallet

Haxford Vegetable Tanned Leather Bifold Wallet, $36, Haxford

He likes nice things, but he prides himself on his kind of rustic, laid back attitude. He’s definitely not the big name brand type, despite his appreciation for the quality and consistency that they tend to bring. So what do you do when it comes to gift giving? Like a microbrew, go for small batch and high quality.

The handmade Haxford Vegetable Tanned Leather Bifold Wallet is one of a kind and gives your guy exactly what he needs — 4 inner pockets and 1 outside pocket for quick card or cash access. Get it for him here!

12. Craft His Own Beer

New England IPA Brew Kit, Amazon or Craft a Brew

DIY isn’t just about knitting and scrapbooking. Enter beer! Craft a Brew provides all you need (equipment, instructions, and ingredients) to create fail-proof beer, wine, kombucha, and hard cider so that your guy can take pride in his very own gallon of IPA, Stout, and Ale, including the New England IPA Brew Kit. Get it for him here!

13. Beer Dispenser

KRUPS SUB Home Beer Dispenser, Amazon or Crate and Barrel

Up his homebrew game with an at-home draft system. Like a Keuring for beer, the KRUPS SUB Home Beer Dispenser gives him the perfect pub-style pour from his countertop. It's perfect for parties or just personal use.Add a little "oomph" to your pleasure by getting it here!

14. Craft Coffee + Cookies = Morning Made

Gourmet Box, $19.95, Match Made Coffee

He’s a bit of a coffee connoisseur (see coffee snob). He also appreciates gourmet cookies. Pair craft coffee and cookies in the Match Made Coffee monthly subscription box for a gift so much more memorable than cheese and wine. Yes, please! Get him a box right here!

15. Twinning With Your Man

Flannel Adult Footed Pajamas in Red and Black Plaid Onesie for Men & Women, $43.98, BigFeet PJs

This is the one time of year when dressing like twinsies is totally acceptable and even encouraged. Especially when the twinsie outfits are BigFeet PJs Flannel adult Footed Onesie Pajamas in Red and Black Plaid. This couple style has been a holiday favorite since 2005. It even has a drop-seat option for extra fun! Get yourself and your beau a pair here!

For New Moms

16. Stylish And Comfortable Sneakers

PLAE’s Butler Sneaker, $135, PLAE

New mamas want to look stylish but need to be comfortable. Her mom-style may be defined by black leggings and oversized shirts, but you can replace her flip flops with sneakers that are both good looking, easily slipped on, and make her feel like she’s walking on a cloud.

PLAE’s Butler Sneaker is light weight, comes in an array of colors, and have a built in elastic lace catcher that makes tying obsolete while still securing the shoes tight enough to run and play. Get her a pair here!

17. Twinning Socks

T-Rex And Triceratops PALS, $18, PALS Socks

Your little love, like many big (little) boys, is obsessed with dinos! You can now join in with his creative mind and make him over the moon excited when you wear matching T-Rex and Triceratops from PALS! Come on mom, join in on the fun with these Kids and Me mismatching matchy-matchy socks. Get these perfect stocking stuffers here!

18. Awesome Diapers

Abby and Finn Diapers, $15, and Abby and Finn Wipes, $15

I don’t only love these diapers because my son’s name is Finn, but I love Abby and Finn diapers and wipes because they are awesome! Every new mom needs more diapers. Set her up with these sweet prints that make diaper changing slightly less awful because they are so cute.

If you’re super generous, give her a subscription so she'll get a fresh box of diapers and wipes to her front door every month. Because convenience and basics are key for new moms. Get them here!

19. The Gold Standard of Baby Swaddling

47" Classic Swaddle Set 4-Pack by Aden and Anais, Amazon and Oversized Muslin Blanket, Amazon

You only want the best, softest, and sweetest for your baby. Aden + Anais is the gold standard. From swaddles (for babe) to oversized blankets (for both of you) in the most adorable, stylish, classic, or clean styles. You must check out the Dream Ride collection. Perfection. Get the new mom in your life a set here!

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20. Comfortably Hip Mama

Star Wars Rebel Black Drape Jacket, $125, Terez

Maybe you can replace her bulky shirts too! And she will be even more comfortable and even more stylish! Yes, it’s possible. These Star Wars Rebel Black Drape Jacket is soft, loosely, and simultaneously awesomely fitting. She will feel like she’s still in bed while hiding baby weight and looking like a stylish mama!

The only problem: She might not ever want to take them off. Get them for her here!

21. Ready-made food

Daily Harvest, $6.99/cup, HelloFresh,starts at $6.99, and Shaker & Spoon, $40-$50/month, Shaker and Spoon

New moms are overwhelmed. And that’s an understatement. She doesn’t have time to do anything anymore — including showering, cooking, or even sleeping. Make her life much easier (and actually make her feel like you are giving her a little bit of life back) by attending to her basic needs: food! When I gave birth to my first son, the gift of one month’s worth of pre-portioned, healthy, delivered ingredients and meals was truly the best gift I received.

Daily Harvest has smoothies to overnight oats, harvest bowls to soups! All you do is add milk, coconut water, chicken stock, or whatever liquid you prefer, then either let it sit in the refrigerator or quickly pop it in the microwave and your meal is ready! For an extra little sweet bite, new mom’s will love the new Holiday ready-bake Cookies. Everything, of course, delivered to the door.

HelloFresh has restaurant quality recipes and ingredients delivered to her door will make making dinner feel like a special occasion. While dinner delivery is nice, cooking makes it feel more special (and instantly infuses her with confidence considering how great the outcome is)!

Shaker & Spoon is a similar, if not an ordinary food delivery service. You can send monthly cocktail making kits, including recipes and ingredients (minus the alcohol) to create your own craft cocktails at home that will compete with, if not beat, even the best cocktail bars!

22. Not Your Mama's Diaper Bag

Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag, Amazon or Freshly Picked

As sweet as the animal and polka dot diaper bags are, in addition to looking like a mom, she wants to look like a woman who has some style — without compromising the essential pockets and convenience of a fundamental diaper bag.

The answer is Freshly Picked — a diaper bag that lets her pack it all up into 10 pockets, a spacious center compartment, easy access magnetic front flap, shoulder, backpack, or cross-body strap options. Plus an electronics sleeve so that she can pack her computer or iPad too, in an attractive trendy purse-like vegan leather diaper bag that she can easily transform into a fun weekender bag once the baby is old enough. Get her this perfect hot mom bag here!

22. An Easy Way To Shop For Clothes

Stitch Fix Subscription, $20 per fix, Stitch Fix

Home delivery is a new mom’s lifesaver. From groceries to meal ingredients, ice cream to alcohol, and now new clothes! Stitch Fix delivers a box of stylish clothes based on her individual preferences from maternity to special occasions, business to casual, even clothes for her toddler. She can treat it as her monthly or seasonal splurge of styles that she might not normally pick herself or to fulfill her normal new clothes needs.

Not to worry, she only keeps (and pays for) what she wants. So you can buy her a gift card that will last as long as her picky tastes allow (though she will likely want to keep it all). So fun! Get her a subscription here!

23. Good Sleep In Comfy PJ's

Life is Good Snuggle Up Long Sleeve Tee, $28 or Garnet Hill Hooded Sweater Knit Pajamas, $198

She wants to be comfortable. Always. The only question is: is she more sophisticated and elegant or fun and silly?

For the sophisticated and elegant type, get her a Garnet Hill hooded sweater knit pajamas. They are beautiful, soft, and incredibly comfortable. And while they might be considered pajamas, they are so elegant that they can easily be worn out to run errands and get chores done too.

For the fun and silly type, she will feel right at home in the Life is Good Snuggle Up Long Sleeves and Sleep Pants.

24. A Beauty-Improving Tool

ZOE 3-in-1 Sonic Beauty Device, Amazon

As much as we might need it, we often refuse to splurge on the beauty indulgences that will make all of the difference in our skin, and therefore all of the difference in our confidence level. While you might be inclined to just get her a facial, instead, give her a tool that will allow her to have weekly at-home facials for the same price. ZOE anti-aging sonic beauty brush by QYKSonicis a 3-in-1 cleanses, massages and applies skincare products with ease.

Made of a soft, medical grade antimicrobial silicon, ZOE is the perfect tool for all skin types, with 15 different massage settings for the face and body that will make her feel pampered regularly. Buy her one here!

25. Wine Samples

Little Black Box Of Signature Premium Wines, $49, Wine Society

The holiday season is all about celebration! Instead of giving your typical bottle of wine, give her sharable cans of Napa grape wine from WineSociety. And the sexy names — TEMPT (red), FATE (white), and CHANCE (rose) — add to the fun! Fun and truly deliciously fabulous! Get her a box here!

26. Minimize The Stress With Sass

Hello Sunshine Anti-Anxiety Spray, Amazon or Frankie and Myrrh

Frankie and Myrrh’s calming, stress-reducing, happy-making freshwater natural oil spray is simultaneously fun, tongue-in-cheek, and effective. They are super cute stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and secret Santa presents. Buy her a bottle here.

27. Better Sleep

Pluto Pillow, $85, Pluto Pillow

Sleep is hard to come by. So she wants any sleep opportunities that she DOES come by to be perfect. And while she has always sworn by her super soft, down, almost flat pillow, she has been wrong for her entire life when it comes to what will truly be the most comfortable. (You might want to invest in one for yourself too. Truly).

Pluto Pillow is a personalized pillow built based on her specifications resulted from a quick but specific questionnaire. Buy one from here.

28. Sound Sleep For Both Mom And Baby

LectroFan EVO, Amazon or Sound of Sleep.

Thanks to the noise neutralizing LectroFan EVO with its 22 unique digital sounds, precise volume control, and optional timer, including 10 fan sounds, 10 white noises, and ocean surf, the sounds of noisy neighbors, snoring, dogs, or daily disturbances won’t wake her. Baby has one in his room too. Plus, the LectroFan Micro pocket-sized fan is perfect to take on trips, so that both mommy and baby get to sleep soundly. Get one here.

29. A Sleeping Baby

WavHello SoundBub, Amazon

Help her baby sleep with the WavHello SoundBub portable Bluetooth White Noise Machine that doubles as a comforting stuffed bear, bunny, or owl. The padded, chew-safe, lightweight stuffed animal plays white noise, music, and VoiceShare and will help lull baby to sleep in the car, crib, or bed. Buy one here!

You'll have happier holidays with these thoughtful gifts!

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