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Why Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Complicated — But Still Possible

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Why Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Complicated — But Still Possible

With everything happening during this outbreak, a certain T.S. Eliot quote comes to mind: "The world will not end with a bang, but with a whimper." While that seems vaguely depressing, these words don't seem so farfetched to some.

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Recently, a friend messaged me. She was prepared to go on a date with this guy she had just met through a popular dating app. And even though things had gone well via text message, she was truly apprehensive about meeting him.

The problem was that when it came time to meet him, she was ready to back out of the date because she was worried about meeting him in a public place.

She wasn't worried about backing out of the date because of anything that he had said or done. In fact, she actually thought he was a great guy. She was afraid because of the increased risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19).

And according to the Washington Post, she isn't the only one. Lots of singles are second-guessing whether or not they should risk going out to meet the person they've met online, despite having great chemistry with the person via the Internet and dating apps.

Sadly, according to experts, this has become a growing concern for people trying to date.

While I'm no doctor, nor do I work for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), or any other health agencies, I do have a background as a pediatric nurse and health services administrator.

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So, to my friend and all the others who are in this very same predicament, listen: We engage in risky behaviors every time we date someone.

The fact of the matter is that you don't know the medical history of the person you're engaging with. So every time you decide to be intimate, every time you decide to kiss this person, you're engaging in risky behavior.

You assume that the person you're with is safe to be with. You just prepare yourself by ensuring that you practice safe sex, and other activities. So in this same way, just always be on guard.

With the coronavirus, health officials have mentioned the best ways to avoid the virus and stay safe. So it's best to just implement these measures.

With that said, would I tell someone to stop dating because of the coronavirus? No.

I would recommend that you practice being safe. That you avoid crowded places and instead, maybe just go out with your date to a smaller restaurant, coffee shop, or even take a walk, anything that doesn't involve large crowds.

There are ways that you can be practical as well as safe.

With that said, does that mean you should stop meeting new people? No, because that's living in fear. That's not living at all. That's putting your life on hold. Now, I understand there are some real concerns right now.

There are lots of people suffering from this virus worldwide, and you know as experts have pointed out, we just need to try not to engage in risky behaviors, unnecessary travel, and of course, we should be practicing cleanliness to avoid picking up the virus from others we may come into contact with.

But no matter what happens, no matter what you decide, or how you decide to handle dating during this outbreak, I hope everyone stays safe. And remember to always step bravely into love.

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