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10 years +


Raleigh NC 27617 - United States


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Author, Divorce Recovery Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach

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Netia Everett is a Life and Relationship Coach, who is known as a Breakup Expert. As a result of what she does, people heal after their breakup and divorce. Not only that,nher break up services helps you break up with your partner in a way that maintains their dignity, using Empathy, love and Kindness. She is also a Speaker, YouTuber and Author. Her works have appeared on such sites as HuffingtonPost, BlogHer, Business Insider, PopSugar, among others. You can visit her site at www.netiaeverett.com.

About Netia Everett

Netia Everett is a Breakup Coach, helping you through every phase of the breakup: from the initial concept to post-breakup confidence.  She's also a Life and Relationship Coach, Speaker, YouTuber, Author, and Entrepreneur. You can follow her on her YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. You can visit her at www.netiaeverett.com.

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