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Although I don't claim to be a professional lifecoach yet, I write about various issues. From personal essays as well as traditional service and reported articles, I hope to help readers in search of answers about various aspects of relationships, as it relates to life, love and family. Thus, my site, www.ascandalouslyfabulouslife.com, will function as a site seeking to help others improve their lives through articles that seek to inform, to entertain, to promote change and to promote good will all while helping a variety of non-profit organizations in the process.

About N. Meridian

N. Meridian is an editor, author of No Crying for Elena, proofreader and freelance writer of various subjects. Her works have appeared on such sites as YourTango, BlogHer, Huffington Post and WorkItMom. She is the founder of A Scandalously Fabulous Life. You can follow/or like her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/#!/inameridian or http://www.facebook.com/AScandalouslyFabulousLife. You can also follow her on Twitter @ASFLife.

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