15 Best Apps For Couples In Long Distance Relationships

LDRs are hard, but these apps can help you go the distance.

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Communication is key in relationships — even more so if you're in a long-distance relationship (or LDR). Distance makes the heart grow fonder, sure, but distance also can make the heart grow bitter, anxious, and lonely.

But don't let that question what you've got because there are ways to make a long-distance relationship work. Not only are there apps for long distance to make sure you stay connected, but you can do plenty of things together to show your love is true.


Long-distance relationships are a commitment with a capital "C," and require trust and communication — and a knack for the art of sexting doesn’t hurt, either. Some days are better than others and some days ache with the weight of every mile separating you.

Thanks to technology, long distance couples can watch movies together, FaceTime, chat on the phone, send each other photos, and even sext occasionally. In fact, for couples who can't be intimate in person, sexting is actually a very healthy way to keep desires high.

Another way to stay connected is by putting in effort and thinking outside the box. Couples can send one another sweet or sexy notes, and then follow through with them later when together on the phone. Yes, technology has made satisfying your partner much easier.


Luckily, there are over a dozen apps for long distance couples to stay in touch, maintain communication, and keep the spark alive.

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Some apps include games that couples can play together, while others allow couples to make videos for each other or set up virtual dates. One app even simulates a partner's heartbeat! The options are endless and leave plenty of room for couples to experiment with the app that works best.

15 Best Apps For Long Distance Couples:

1. Kast

The classic date night activity is dinner and a movie, but when you’re hours apart, you miss out on these integral parts of dating. While this site can’t help with the dinner aspect, it can help with movie night.


If you’ve ever tried to watch movies with your long-distance partner by simultaneously counting down and attempting to press play together, you know that it is physically impossible to ever get your movies to line up.

That’s where Kast comes in. It lets you video chat while streaming the same movie within the website itself, so you are both looking at the same thing, no countdown required.

Plus, you get to see each other’s faces as well as their expressions and reactions to the movie, while you watch — it’s as close as you can get to being together.

Download Kast: iOS, Android

2. The Couple

Everyone should know by now that communication is the key to strong and healthy relationships. But staying connected can be a struggle when you’re on two different schedules in two different places.


The Couple app can’t cure the distance, but it can help the two of you stay connected. It provides you with a messaging app system that stays private, locked inside the app. You can send mushy "I miss you" texts or risqué photos to help bridge some of the distance without having to worry about them being viewed by other people.

The Couple app also lets you share schedules and to-do lists with your partner, which may seem mundane but is really important.

The best part of the app, however, is a feature called Thumbkiss. Sometimes, you just crave the physical touch of your significant other. If you find yourself wishing you could just hold their hand, you can open the app and press your thumb to the screen.

If your significant other does the same and your thumbs line up, the phone will vibrate, indicating you’re touching each other. It’s such a small, intimate thing, but it means so much.


Download The Couple App: iOS, Android

3. Pillow Talk

apps for long distance couplesPhoto: Google Play Store

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is getting to sleep next to each other, but once you get used to it, having them suddenly gone can be jarring, not to mention painful. While Pillow Talk hasn’t mastered teleportation yet, it has helped to simulate the feeling of sleeping next to your partner.


It is two wristbands and two sensors that you place inside your pillow. When your partner lays on their pillow, your pillow will glow. The wristband tracks your loved one’s heartbeat and replays it in real-time through the sensor in your pillow, simulating the feeling of laying on their chest.

I mean, how adorable is that? It might not be the real thing, but it’s pretty darn close.

Download Pillow Talk: iOS, Android

4. Dreamdays

Some days, you’re going to question why you put yourself through all of this and you’re going to get scared. It happens to the best of us. Dreamdays helps you to focus on what’s important and find that motivation that you’ve started to lose.


There are several countdown apps for couples, but Dreamdays lets you input the date you know you’ll be together again, and it will visually count down the days. You can also set a picture of your significant other as the background for the countdown.

Sometimes, you just need that reminder that you're working toward a goal and life won’t always be this way. Getting a reminder to your phone every day that says "20 days left" with your boyfriend’s face will help keep you focused.

Download Dreamdays: iOS, Android

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5. Twig

apps for long distance couplesPhoto: Apple App Store


Twig is a shared journal app for couples that's a completely free and private space to document things that happen in your relationship. There's a spot for each memory to upload a photo and write a note about it. So, instead of putting your whole relationship across social media, this app makes something special that will last.

Twig was created by Trent Guillory, who was engaged and frequently created scrapbooks of his relationship with his fiancé, gifting them to his partner. But he wanted something he could use any time, so he created this app!

Now, you and your partner can create something special in the moment. There's even a new feature that allows users to create a passcode to prevent others from snooping.

Download Twig: iOS


6. Koya

Koya is a great way to remind your partner how much you're thinking about them, even from a distance.

Through this app, you can send thoughtful personal messages and location-based videos/audio messages, as well as gifts to your partner to make them feel special and cared for. It's a great way to brighten your loved one's day.

Even though you must allow Koya to access your current location, Koya doesn't track or store your location. Plus, it's such a sweet gesture to buy your partner their favorite drink or meal at a moment's notice.


Download Koya: iOS

7. Feel

With this app, you can send your loved one your heartbeat to let them know you're thinking about them.

On the Feel app, you can send and receive heartbeats, save your loved one's heartbeats, see and feel the heartbeat of your loved one wherever you are, and share how you're feeling with your partner.


To send a heartbeat, swipe down to find the perfect heart. Send a heartbeat, then put your finger over the camera and flashlight on your phone. Once your heartbeat is taken, you can add a memo and then send it to your loved one.

When you upgrade to Premium, you can send and save any heart design, record your heartbeat for longer, back up your user data and heartbeats to the iCloud, and remove ads. This app even allows you to track your BPM and will tell you if it's low, normal, or high.

Download Feel: iOS, Android

8. Between

apps for long distance couplesPhoto: Google Play Store


This app is a great way to communicate in a more loving way. Between is a messenger app where you can use free GIF selfies and emoticons to be more romantic with your partner.

You can store memories, photos, videos, and notes, check each other's schedules, and keep track of special days for your relationship. The app gives you an automatic calculation of a countdown for your anniversary, too.

Between can also be used on PCs to keep your conversation going. Plus, everything on the app is encrypted and secure, so you can feel safe about your information. There is a premium feature that opens up different themes, love letters, longer videos/voice messages, and also removes ads.

Download Between: iOS, Android


9. Rave

With Rave, you can spend time with your partner watching whatever you want on any streaming service — including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more — even if you're apart.

Connect and watch a movie or television show you've been dying to see, all while messaging each other. You can even stream music and listen together.

This is a great way to have a virtual date night for times when you're not together or are in different time zones. Make it even more enjoyable by ordering your favorite takeout and chatting while you stream.


Download Rave: iOS, Android

10. iPassion

This new app is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. iPassion is an adult game that increases your intimacy and make your sex life stronger.

There's a couples quiz that lets you get better acquainted with one another, and figure out just how well you really know each other while improving intimacy. And if you're nervous, there's an icebreaker quiz.


Find out what your partner likes and dislikes, what turns them on or off, and what really gets them going. To play the game, you ask each other questions. If you answer correctly, you get one point. You win a prize or favor at the end of each round if you know your partner better.

Make it into a fun game where you compete against each other. Winner gets the favor, yes, but maybe you can add a sexy consolation prize for the loser.

Download iPassion: iOS, Android

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11. Honi

apps for long distance couplesPhoto: Apple App Store


Honi is a system that generates games and quizzes for couples to play and offers a platform where couples can share their fantasies with each other. Honi also has an option to receive daily counseling advice.

Quiz each other, play in the Fantasy Market, give kisses and hugs, and create your own quickies. Customize dares, quizzes, and "would you rather?" questions to really get the conversation flowing.

The best part is there's an unlimited amount of dares, coupons, fantasies, and quizzes to keep you on your partner's mind. Plus, you can even share your creations with the world and earn "Honiz" when they are shared again.

As the app says, "make everyday with your partner a new adventure."


Download Honi: iOS, Android

12. Desire

apps for long distance couplesPhoto: Apple App Store

For competitive couples, this app will make your date nights or even just casual conversation into a sexy adventure. It's designed to unleash your creativity, desires, and sexual attraction.


Features of Desire include "dares" to send your partner, where you can earn points that eventually unlock hot challenges to do together. You can also send messages, earn badges, chat in private, and keep a journal where you add all the fun dares you've done or ideas for future adventures.

Not only will it create steamy passion between couples, but you will learn new ways to play with each other and have fun in your most intimate moments. Get ready for an app that helps you make your connection and relationship much stronger.

Download Desire: iOS, Android

13. Love Nudge

Download the Love Nudge app to stay in touch, which will be your personal assistant in your relationship.


With our busy schedules, we sometimes forget to tell our partners how much we love them. This app reminds you to express your love in a meaningful way and make a habit of expressing how deeply you care for each other.

This app is based on Dr. Gary Chapman's "The 5 Love Languages." Learn each other's love languages, set and track activity goals, give each other playful and encouraging nudges, and monitor your partner's love tank to boost communication and intimacy.

One thing to know, however, is that Love Nudge does require an internet connection, so you might not be able to use it in public places without WiFi.

Download Love Nudge: iOS, Android

14. Ultimate Intimacy

This app offers clean and wholesome guidance to spice things up in your marriage. Ultimate Intimacy takes pride in being clean and non-graphic and, as a Christian site, there's no nudity or vulgarity.


Ultimate Intimacy is designed to give couples stronger intimacy in their relationship with bedroom games and questions, all while staying comfortable. The app comes with over 200 non-graphic "intimate positions" with instructions, along with podcasts, date ideas, and resources to bring you closer together on every level.

In addition to quizzes, resources, and techniques for couples, you can also discover your love languages. Plus, couples can sync phones for additional content.

Download Ultimate Intimacy: iOS, Android

15. Gottman Card Decks

The Gottman Institute created this app that comes with 14-card decks, adding up to over 1,000 flashcards designed to get to know your partner a little better. The app provides questions and ideas to discuss with your partner and connect on a deeper level.


Not only is it easy to navigate, but couples can switch back and forth between cards and revisit a question they may want to bring up again. You can even save your favorite cards if it's a good topic of conversation. And if you shake your phone, a new card randomly generates.

Another awesome feature is free access to Gottman Institute resources, designed to help couples who are struggling to stay connected, and Love Maps that are great for new date night ideas.

Download Gottman Card Decks: iOS, Android

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