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14 Things You Should Be CRAZY Thankful For After Your Sh*tty Breakup

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So things went south and HERE you are ... SINGLE again. Well, it's time to stop sulking and start looking at the bright side.

Here are 15 things you should be thanking your stars for after your breakup is said and done:

1. You have NO ONE you need to answer to anymore.

GONE are the days you have to call/text your beau before going out with your friends for a night on the town. No check-in texts all through the night. And no, you DON'T have to let him know when you'll be home. HELLO independence!

2. You can go and do ANYTHING you've EVER wanted to.

You have no plans, so you can do whatever you want! Friend calls for a last minute road trip? OK! Want to check out that new bar? OK! The world is your oyster.

3. Want those really expensive shoes? You can buy them and NO ONE will argue.

Speaking of oysters, go buy some pearl jewelry! Buy that art piece for the wall you’ve wanted to put above the couch. Buy whatever you damn well please. Who's gonna stop you?

4. Total control over the car stereo. 

Need I say more?

5. Less laundry.

No more dirty boxers/socks/undershirts getting piled in on top of your own laundry to do.

6. You no longer have to deal with his crazy family.

Now you only have to deal with one family around the holidays—your own.

7. You get to save TONS of money during the holidays.

So few gifts to purchase during the holidays (and gifts to have to pretend to like). No more wondering what your ex’s weird sister who has only spoken two words to you in the year you dated or binge tequila-shooting mom will want for Christmas (alcohol — she’d want alcohol. But still.)

8. You can now binge watch your favorite shows without feeling guilty.

No waiting for your S.O. to catch up on all your shows together. Why hello Saturday, you look like the perfect day to watch all the new episodes of The Leftovers.

9. Yes you CAN snag that cute guy's number.

The cute guy(s) that flirts you up when you’re out? You can get his number.

10. Want to sleep diagonally? DO IT.

With no snoring except your own.

11. You can download that dating app you've always wanted to try.

Now you can see what Tinder is all about (we know you've been curious).

12. No one will steal your food from the fridge.

Order a whole pizza (with the toppings you want) and eat the whole damn thing if you want! Or know for sure that the leftovers will be waiting for you for breakfast tomorrow.

13. HELLO abs! How I've missed you!

Get your time in with a good sweat sesh at the gym more regularly with no one keeping you in bed to snuggle a little longer (except maybe Fido…ok you’ll take it).

14. No more arguments about petty crap.

No more arguing over something stupid like who keeps leaving the kitchen cabinet open or replacing the toilet paper roll.

Now you’re that exciting single friend who gets to go do what she wants and has endless possibilities. All your friends in committed long term relationships will be crawling to you for stories to live vicariously through. So live it up! (While you're still single).

This article was originally published at Never Liked It Anyway. Reprinted with permission from the author.