To Fix A Toxic Relationship, You Need To Do These 2 Things STAT

Don't wait another second.

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Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and take yourself back to the very first time you experienced a feeling of love with the person you're in a relationship with now. Allow yourself to re-experience the emotions, the sights, the sounds, the tastes and the smells you first experienced.

Stay there for a moment and allow yourself to feel where in your body you first felt that emotional feeling of love. Is it in your heart? Is it in your head? Is it on your lips? Focus on what your mind was focused on then.


Notice how good it feels to be emotionally present with the one you love. What questions run through your mind? Did you find it easy to take yourself back and re-experience that falling in love feeling again? Has it been a while since you felt that feeling of love? 

Our emotions are like most things. They're not bad, except in excess. It's natural to experience anger, fear, anxiety, disappointment, resentment, judgment, and guilt; however, negative emotions become all-consuming, toxic, and devastating to our emotional health and our intimate relationships if we fail to deal with them effectively.


Here's two easy steps to transform your toxic emotions and repair your relationship:

1. Take personal responsibility for your emotions.

Blaming someone else for your emotions, how you feel, or the emotional state of your relationship isn't the responsible thing to do.

2. Shift your focus and emotions.

Make a conscious decision to focus on what you love, appreciate and are grateful for about your relationship. Make a list of your top ten relationship moments. Keep your list with you at all times. Make it a habit to take ten minutes each day for a mental vacation.

Also allow yourself to re-experience all the positive feelings you initially experienced in it. Your brain can't tell the difference between a real experience and a memory ,and will release all your "feel-good hormones" as if you're really in that moment. Notice how much more positive you begin to feel the more you practice this ritual. It's absolutely true that what you focus on, you feel and get more of.