10 Sneaky Tips for Getting Him To Eat Healthier

Get Him To Eat Healthier

Eat healthier and live longer with these suggestions to better eating as a couple!

Without a doubt, food has an undeniable impact on all of us — on our moods, as well as our health. And even though they're "tougher," guys are still highly affected by what they eat. Not just in their health over the long run. It shows up in their mood, energy, sexiness and even how the two of you interact as a couple — at the table and elsewhere in your life together.

It can be disturbing, upsetting, when the man you love has unhealthy eating habits. You know that the quality of food and nutrition counts but he doesn't. Or doesn't care. In fact, he relishes pigging out on junk food. Not just occasionally, either. So, as infuriating as this may be to you, you do have choices on how you're going to deal with this yourself, now and in your life together. 

Believe it or not, you probably have a greater impact on his eating habits than you might think. And vice versa, as you'll find out if you read my background article on this, Help! My Fiancé has Unhealthy Eating Habits, right here on YourTango.com.  

So, what are some of the specific things you actually can do to support your man's less than stellar eating habits and health, so you can look forward to sharing a long life together?

1. Understand you can't make him do anything. However, you can inspire him to be the best he can be. There's a big difference. Especially with men. We're all driven and deeply affected by our hormones, more than we've realized but as author John Gray says in his newest book Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice, men live for the appreciation and reinforcement they get from their spouses, which stimulates their healthy testosterone levels. 

2. Lead by example. Set a precedent and stick with it. Making a commitment to eat healthy yourself regardless is probably the single most effective way to influence your mate's eating — and your future family's health — for the better.

As you discovered, if you read my Help! My Fiancé has Unhealthy Eating Habits intro article, we do influence our partner's eating habits, for better and for worse. Taking responsibility for yourself and making a conscious commitment to healthy lifelong eating is a powerful step you and I can both make as women, paying big dividends for the long haul.

3. Nurture, don't nag. Men are hard-wired to solve problems to feel competent and powerful, according to John Gray in Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice but respond poorly to criticism. Since his goal, pleasure and fulfillment is to please his woman, praising and showing your appreciation for his own healthy eating choices is likely to be 100 percent more fruitful than making him feel wrong by nagging him for his bad ones. Keep reading ...

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