10 Types Of Parents Everyone Loves To Hate (Are YOU One Them?)

You can spot them on the playground and at the sports field!

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We've all been there. Watching horrified as some oblivious parent lets their kid run helter skelter all over a store, pulling things off shelves, bashing into other customers, interrupting conversations of other adults, we glare at the kid. We throw dirty looks at the parent. Nothing seems to wake them up to get back to parenting their kid. Not even the clerk asking the parent to stay with their child brings them back into parenthood.


Here are the top 10 parents we love to hate:

1.  The Oblivious Parent: 
The mom who is too busy chatting over coffee to notice her son has pretty much beaten the crap out of every kid at the playground.

2.  The Justifying Parent: 
The father who consistently counters any kind of feedback on his kid with "ah, he's just a kid" or "man, I was JUST like that when I was little." We don't care! Your kid is acting like a jerk, and now we know where he gets it from.

3.  The Moody Parent: 
This parent is the one that snaps at their kid from across the room, and then tries to smooth it over with demands for hugs and kisses to make it look like they didn't just bark at their baby.


4.  The Show Off Parent: 
Yes, we can see that your 10 month old can count to 10 on their own. Yes, we can see your two year old is no longer in diapers. Yes, we can hear your child reciting Shakespeare from the monkey bars. Good for you. We have no desire to work that hard to get our kids to outperform yours.

5. The Angry Parent: 
OK, we all get fed up and lose it sometimes, but this parent is constantly yelling at their kids. They are constantly yanking them away from activities because of some small breach of code. They are bordering on physical abuse and these parents make our blood boil.

6.  The Label Parent: 
It's wonderful you can afford to buy all the brand names and all the top designers. Most of us can't, or won't. You don't need to point out the label on your kids clothes every time we get together.

7. The Parent Who Has Given Up:
Yes, we see you hiding out in the corner pretending like you don't see your kid being a jerk to every single person within their grasp. Shrugging your shoulders and mouthing "what can I do?" to the rest of the adults trying to parent their kids only makes you look like a bigger jerk than your kid.


8. The Snotty Parent: 
You may think you're better than the rest of us parents at the PTA meeting, but we have news for you. We all get up and put our feet on the floor and get dressed one leg at a time. You aren't any better than the rest of us. One day, you might need our support. You might want to consider that the next time before you make a nasty remark.

9. The Absent Parent: 
I have pledged to get my kid to where they need to go when they need to be there. I have put countless miles on my car and spent hundreds of dollars clothing and feeding my kid. It's not my job to transport, clothe, and feed your kid too. Put on your adult pants and show up for your kid when you're needed once in a while.

10. The Liar: 
You're not fooling anyone. Word gets around. We know that things aren't as they seem on the outside. Lying about what is really going on with your kids'grades or justifying their poor behavior only hurts them in the end. Never teaching them the reality of life is doing them a disservice and making you look foolish. Try the truth sometimes. It works.

Tell me moms and dads, did I miss one? Do you know any of these parents?


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