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How To Make A Man Addicted To You (Using Your Natural Goddess Energy)

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how to get a guy to want you

Are you a goddess? No, really, are you? Before you make a definite decision one way or the other, let me explain what I feel are the qualities that a woman with goddess energy embodies.

First, let me say that having goddess energy to make a guy want you, and even get him addicted to you is NOT about your appearance, your sense of humor, your level of intelligence or your bank account. Yes, it’s important to take care of your looks, laugh at life and work on improving your knowledge of various subjects; however, goddess energy is more about emotion.

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Goddess energy isn’t about surface qualities.

When you focus all your energy on looking a certain way or trying to impress a man (“Hey look how pretty, smart, fun and sweet I am!”) you aren’t deepening the connection you share with him.

Think about goddess energy like a handbag. Yes, you can go out and buy a fake Gucci on Canal Street or in Santee Alley in downtown Los Angeles, but how long is that bag going to survive? Sure it looks great and you paid less for it but that bag is hardly worth much. 

When you focus on the surface things, you end up attracting men for a short while—for about as long as that fake Gucci purse is going to last you. 

Goddess energy is about feeling grounded.

In order to have goddess energy, you have to have your feet and heart firmly planted in the ground. That means that no matter WHAT a man is doing or not doing, you aren’t scared of losing him and being alone.

Of course it hurts when he pulls back or acts indifferent. Of course you want to reach out to him. But women with goddess energy feel those feelings, let those feelings pass through their hearts, and continue to stay “sitting on their hands” and making choices from a dignified and self-loving place.

So instead of calling a drifting and disinterested man to “make sure he isn’t mad at you” or texting him “just to send a friendly hello” or emailing him because you saw something online that he’d absolutely love and should know about — embody GODDESS ENERGY and allow the impulse to pass.

Goddesses don’t reach out to men who don’t reach out to them first.

How to not act on impulse:

Like I said, goddess energy is all about doing the opposite of acting impulsively and compulsively to “pull” a man toward you. In order to stop these urges, you need to find a way to feel grounded in the earth and among the stars in the universe.

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Goddess energy is about having an open heart.

Staying grounded means nothing if you have put up emotional walls to men. Goddess energy is all about being fluid, and that means no walls. Emotional walls make you stiff and brittle—both physically and emotionally. They keep a man from knowing you and if he can’t know you, he can’t love you.

Until a man knows you, he will only love an idea of you. The problem with having a man love a fantasy of you is that sooner or later you will disappoint him—you are human not a fantasy woman. But when you show your whole self to him, something happens inside him and suddenly he loves you FOR your flaws. That’s when a real emotional connection takes place and you make him addicted to you.

How to remove emotional walls:

The best way to remove walls is to have personal boundaries. What will you absolutely not accept or tolerate in a relationship? When you know these things and stand up for yourself when the lines have been crossed, you start to trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you open up to others because you have faith that you can take care of yourself no matter what a man does. THIS equals goddess energy.

To share your boundaries with a man, make it very simple. Say, “I feel angry and I don’t want to feel like the man I love is flirting with other women.” And then don’t say another word. With an open heart, look at him and wait for his response. If he begins to backtrack, make excuses, tell you that he isn’t ready to be committed to you, etc. then say, “This is how I feel and I need to take care of myself right now so that I don’t get angrier.” And then go do something by yourself that makes you happy.

Practice sharing your personal boundaries leading from goddess energy.

Remember the three things that give a woman goddess energy:
She’s grounded
She’s open
She’s strong

Now go to the mirror and look at yourself in the mirror. Take a moment to feel your feet on the floor, connected to the earth, then open your heart and say to yourself (as if your reflection is a man):

“I know who I am and I won’t accept anything but love and respect, which I will also give to you.”

How did that feel? How did that look?

Were you frozen and numb in your body? Were you seeping with anger? Were you trying to minimalize the pain with laughter and a cynical tone? Were you crying with deep despair?

Say it again and this time try to be as soft, tender, warm and loving as possible. Still feel all the same feelings, but don’t try to hide them, just try to let these feelings turn into love. Try to smooth over the tension in your face and allow your eyes to meet your own eyes in a long and caring stare.

Imagine that you are “tenderizing” your reflection and seducing yourself with loving, open, inviting, hypnotic, all-trusting, all-giving goddess energy. Don't reach out or try to soothe your reflection with a hand gesture. Stay grounded in your spot and don’t come toward your reflection. Send love without moving forward.

Do you see the difference? Do you see how you are magnetizing “the man” without doing anything to come toward him? Do you see how much more loving and safe you appear to him? If you were a man, which version of the speech would compel you to apologize and make good on your mistake? Which version would inspire your love?

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