Why Do Some People Fear Commitment?

Though many individuals cannot wait to find a life partner and best friend, to share their life with as they grow old together, there are others who have a deep fear of commitment. Neither of these types of people are wrong or right. Of course, the trouble comes when one of each type finds themselves in a relationship – that is when the hurt can begin.

Wanting to stay married forever, raise a family and share a bond for life isn’t looked at oddly or frowned upon in our society. However, many quickly question what is wrong with a person who fears commitment. They are unconventional, not playing by the rules, loners, drifters.

But the truth is that those who are anxious about commitment are human beings, just like everyone else. In fact, one could consider them more insightful because they aren’t rushing into marriage and risking becoming a part of the half that end in divorce, which hurts both partners in addition to children, if they start a family.

Does fearing committing to someone mean that the person will never be ready? Not necessarily. Sometimes it just takes time and more assurance that his or her mate is the one destined to share a lifetime with. There are, however, some people who do desire to not commit, and will remain that way for life.

To navigate these choppy waters, let’s look at some of the reasons people fear commitment:

The Person Was A Child Of A Bitter Divorce

Divorce impacts children in various ways. Some people who witnessed a terrible divorce as a child, or who witnessed many friends and family divorce, may believe that marriage doesn’t work. This person may need more time in a relationship to feel certain the marriage will last.

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