4 Things You MUST Overcome To Get What You Want Out Of Life

Your lack of self-esteem is showing, and it doesn't look good on you. Follow this guide to fix it.


There are two guidelines that help you to live and love successfully:

  • Keep your ego in balance
  • Reduce exercising of the five negative passions of the mind

Your ego is the awareness of yourself, and the confidence to speak up and act out whom you are. When this is done with taste and sensitivity to others, it comes across in an acceptable fashion. But, when it manifests as boastful, objectionable and insensitive to others, it represents an unbalanced ego, born out of a lack of self-esteem.


This lack of self-esteem shows up in many ways:

  • Your need to be always right
  • You continuously consider other people inferior
  • Your need to dominate others
  • You exercise excessive control over others

To deal with an inappropriate ego, you are required to tackle each of these elements one by one in a structured consistent manner:

Mental passions

Whatever you do that is negative in your life can be attributed to one or more of the five negative passions of the mind. These mental passions are anger, lust, greed, attachment and vanity. The journey of life is consciously to attempt reduction of these mental passions.


For every individual, one or two particular passions dominate as opportunity areas. However, in general, attachment is the chief block to your progress. This is attachment to people, things, situations, money, and concepts.

Your thinking is at the root of what happens to you in life. By knowing the truth about the power of your thinking, you will begin to understand that you create your universe with your thinking. So, let us look at some practical thinking that will endear you to your Higher Self, and get the inner peace and fulfillment you desire:

  • Stop judging others.
  • Learn to receive as competently as you give.
  • Surrender! Do all that you can and then let things take their course. Do not try to force an issue.
  • Tell others when you appreciate them or appreciate what they are doing.

Negating the spirit

You have expectations in life. You may raise these expectations to spiritual goals or targets that you really want to achieve. There are definite systems that are employed to achieve your spiritual goals. However, there are 4 elements that you must overcome to get what you want. These elements are Dream Stealers, Not Believing in Yourself, Rejection, and Deception.


1. Dream Stealers

Dream stealers are people who discourage you from pursuing your dream on the basis that it is not important, it cannot be accomplished, it is not practical, or some other negative derivative. The difficulty is that sometimes the dream stealers are persons close to you, and they have good intentions but unwittingly give unwholesome advice.

2. Not Believing in Yourself

It's self-sabotage. If you do not believe you can achieve what you have in mind, then it is unlikely to be achieved. Your intention that your dream is possible is key to its attainment. Believe that you have what it takes to win.

3. Rejection

This includes rejection of your thoughts, actions and desires, and is a normal incident of life. You have different perspectives to others, as we are all unique. Thus, when persons do not agree with you, do not let that frustrate your life's journey. You have to embrace rejection as an incident of your progress to achieve your dreams. You must commit to press on despite the naysayers.


4. Deception

It can lead to giving up on your dreams. Deception is a strong word, but you can soften it by referring to it as disappointment. People will give you their word but not honor it. You may be relying on their commitment to advance your dream and they fail to live up to their word. Accordingly, you should have expectations but not be wedded to the outcomes. Most importantly, do not deceive yourself—"to thy own self be true." Be steadfast and be true to your own values, as this is the bedrock to achieve your life's desires. You can do it.

You are a tremendous work of art of your creator. Use your internal power. Listen to that small, still voice and rise to your full spiritual potential. Let there be peace and let it begin with you. It's possible.