The Top 3 Places Where Women Are Most Likely To Cheat

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Unlike what some individuals would like to believe, infidelity among married women is now more than ever at an all time high.

According to the National Opinion Research Center, approximately 40 percent of married women are more likely to cheat on their husbands than they would have 20 years back.

This is naturally not earthshaking news. Society as we know it has lost all the virtues of what marriage once meant. There is a great laxity of morals, and promiscuity has silently gained widespread acceptance.

There is not a lack of fodder to lead both men and women to commit adultery. From lascivious online dating sites and forums to glossy tabloids, casual sex is unfortunately deemed as an indispensable part of urban life.

There are still other causes of adultery; however, this is by far is not the only mitigating factor when it comes to women cheating on their husbands. Your bedroom performance, emotional disconnect (especially the one that arises from parenthood) or even just the allure of cheating and not getting caught have also been known to lead many women to be unfaithful.

Usually, the assumption is that men are more likely to commit adultery than women. But the fact still remains that ladies are by far, not less, susceptible to cheat.

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Should you be a married man and suspect your spouse is cheating on you, it might be the right time to re-prioritize your values in life. This will enable you to make the necessary amends to restore the chemistry and trust you once enjoyed in your marriage.

Take your time to accurately identify what your girl wants, not just in the bedroom, but also emotional-wise.

Of course, emotional dishevel and disillusionment happen to be the main reasons why women cheat and commit infidelity.

To eliminate such occurrences, try to understand what your spouse expects from you, and mend the bridge before it falls into disarray.

On the other hand, it can be an excellent idea to discover in which scenarios your wife might be more likely to cheat, and take the necessary preemptive measures.

The following are three of the top places women are the most likely to cheat:

1. At a girls' night out.

Many women are by nature deeply interested in the opinions of their close friends. If you might be undergoing some upheaval in your married life, be assured that your wife's intimate friends are in the know of just what is going on.

Women often seek sympathy from the individuals they hold in high esteem, and in this case, it's their girlfriends.

A regular girls night out can be the perfect platform for a troubled wife to vent out her frustrations regarding sex or the lack of it. And prompting from her girls can lead to sexual dalliances with men that usually mean nothing to her.

It can be a good idea to vet all your wife's friends to ensure they never have a commanding influence on your spouse. Then again, like the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure."

Proactively cultivating your relationship with your significant other can go a long way in dissuading her from falling prey to jealous or malicious "friends."

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2. Hotels

Taking a vacation to an exotic location can also be an excellent setting for your wife to cheat on you.

The mitigating factor in such a scenario is you being offhanded with your spouse or totally ignoring her. She might make an acquaintance with a young man who will provide her with the attention she is not getting from you.

Take your time to spend as much time as possible with your wife while on such trips. More to the point, give her the attention and affection that will make other men appear to be cardboard cutouts when compared to you.

3. Public places

Sometimes there might not be any reasonable cause to trigger married women to be unfaithful. The mere thrill of having casual sex and not get caught can be appealing to some women.

This can occur in virtually any kind of location, from shopping malls to restaurant washrooms, nightclubs and as shocking as it sounds, even in churches.

Such promiscuity sadly doesn't have any remedy, and the only thing you can do is to ensure you fully comprehend the character of your wife-to-be before tying the knot.

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Mike Hatcher is a sex coach and writer who offers advice for couples about open relationships, swinging and other alternative relationships.

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