You Won't Believe That Women Are Doing THIS To Express Themselves

Now, more than ever, women are expressing their bisexuality ... AND experiencing it!


Years ago, many women would not admit to being bisexual, nor would even consider a swinging relationship. American women have come a long way from where they were just three decades ago. Not only are they more liberal in their thoughts, but society has also changed its perception towards how women "should be."

In addition to enjoying more civic rights and participating more actively in societal and political sectors, modern women have become more open about their sexual needs and desires. They are no longer ashamed to admit that they enjoy sex as much as men do and are more at ease when expressing their true sexualities.


And with more freedom came better expressions of ideas that before were considered as "unrealistic" for women. One of these ideas is bisexuality of women. Lesbian and bisexual encounters are featured and promoted by most mediums now, whether it's the Howard Stern radio show or big screen movies like Bound. Regardless of the source, they express that bisexuality is as healthy as heterosexuality for women.

Bisexual themes have become quite big among women in both the fantasy (media) and real world, particularly in the form of swinging. Regular women with regular lives are becoming more interested and adventurous in trying out other women just out of curiosity, or even maintaining a regular sexual relationship.


It's even normal for two women to share a kiss just to see how it feels. However, this doesn't necessarily mean they're lesbians or bisexuals. "Bi-curious" is a more accurate and modern term for this kind of encounter. There are women who do maintain serious sexual relationships with other women but still prioritize the company of men.

More than half of the women who want to experience members of the same gender already belong to some kind of committed relationship. Trying and continuing sexual activities with other women don't necessarily mean they prefer it over the opposite gender, but often because they want to know how it feels.

In the case of straight couples, men hardly ever oppose against this kind of desire. In fact, they often encourage their partners to do it. The way to bisexual experiences for women is very often paved by their male companions and may involve swinging.

It's quite similar, if not the same, for single bisexual women as well. However, single women usually prefer the company of both sexes simultaneously instead of trying them separately. This is probably because in addition to enjoying the chemistry of one-on-one actions, they also enjoy the chemistry that exists between couples. Besides, it's safer to try new things with people who are already familiar and trust each other.


Straight couples who look for single bisexual women either want girl-girl action where the male participant simply watches, or full-blown threesomes where everyone shares and is shared by everyone else. Men like girl-girl conditions simply because of the thrill of watching, whereas women prefer it usually out of jealousy or/and for lack of attention from other parties. Some women do enjoy watching their men going all the way with other women just as their male partners do.

Swinging encounters, regardless of the type, require good chemistry; when swinging with a bisexual women (FMF swinging), the chemistry requirement is quite extensive compared to what you'd expect in a MFM threesome experience.

So, keep that in mind and play safe in your adventures.