7 Sexual Fantasies Most People Think About

Since the 1930s the amount of woman having affairs has almost risen above the amount of men having affairs. Women are becoming more liberal and prominent in the work force. And they are in constant interaction with other men for long hours. Research has shown that woman has the same passionate sex drive as men. Due to religious believe and society rules these urges have been stifled for centuries.

With the changing of these cultural believes woman are open to explore they own fantasy’s. Men are not the only ones that can have a vivid imagination. For years and years woman had to indulge in male sexual fantasies but no more, woman are not at all like men would like think. Woman these days want just as much sex as men, they want to experience ecstasy in all new level.

Studies done by the University of Granada has shown that 95% of all people have sexual fantasies daily. There are so many different types of fantasies, but the most common ones are:

1. Control

Women have been dominated for so long that they now want to be in control. They fantasize about men obeying them and the use of whips or handcuffs to prove their supremacy.

2. Work related

An astounding 56 percent of women want to have sex with their bosses. This also boils down to wanting control.

3. Porn  

Studies have shown that 40% of woman today would love to make a porn movie. A study done by the University of Stanford has shown that woman watching a porn video gets aroused in just 2 minutes.

4. Public sex

In an article done by "Men’s Health" statistics showed that sixty four percent of women find the need to be risky and would love to do it in public.

5. Threesome

A threesome has become very much a real life fantasy not only for men, but more and more for woman. The need for more ecstatic sexual experiences is becoming more and more prominent in woman.

With the change in society rules and woman realizing what they want, wife sharing and hotwifing now has become a way of life for many couples out there. We will have a more in-depth look at both of these.

6. Wife Sharing

For most men out there it has always been a fantasy of theirs to see their wife with another man. There are also more rational reasons for this and not only out of pure fantasy. A lot of men in their 40s experience a lower libido level where as woman of the same age or just a few years younger have an increased libido level. Women now know that it is sexually stimulating to be watched by their husbands. Woman also like to know that their husbands are okay with it, they do not want to do anything that can potentially ruin what they have built up for so many years.

7. HotWifing

With more and more boundaries being brought down, women are able to life live more freely and it can actually improve a marriage and not just break it down. After being married for many years and having children most women begin to feel that they are no longer sexually enticing. With hotwifing a lot more women feel sexy and again appealing to men and it can actually put a spark back into the marriage. Woman who are a hotwife often find new alluring ways to be sexually active and this can proof to be very gratifying for the husband as well. To many men out there this is actually a very good way of knowing who she is with and when, instead of her having an affair that could potentially rune a marriage.

Woman are no longer restricted by the old belief's and are free to explore their sexuality. Women are more sexually active if allowed to loosen the boundaries and live out some of their fantasies. Talk to your partner and she might amaze you, her fantasies might even blow your mind. Couples who play in all areas together tend to stay together longer. Women need to experience sex in ways unknown and she will become the woman to give you the climax of your life. Swinger sites like Swinglifestyle have been catering to these needs of couples for over a decade.