How To Throw An AMAZING Masked Lingerie Party

This in depth article shows you how to throw an exciting themed sex party of your own.


If you have ever got bored with the same old routine parties, then it is time to give a themed sex lingerie party a try. Not only do themed sex parties spice things up, they also let your imagination run wild with a variety to party games to play with. Throwing a sex party doesn’t mean you get down and dirty; however, using sex as the theme of your party will ignite passions that you and your friends won’t forget for many years to come.


The party can be based around games that people play, but with a sinful twist: sex-themed games. You can get the proceedings started by inviting open-minded guests who are not averse to experimenting, and then play a game of "guess the sex toy." Before the party has begun, make chits with a unique sex toy name on each one of them and then distribute a chit each to all the guests. Over the course of the party, let other guests guess the name of the sex toy that someone has been assigned on their chit; this would ensure maximum fun for all the participants involved.

Another wild idea is to make party masks and distribute it among the guests. Masquerade parties help cloak one’s identities and bring out the primal urges inherent in all of us. If you are extremely fed up with the lack of imagination at many events, then masquerade sex parties can set an electric atmosphere that will leave the senses of all the guests tingling. They are full of romance, anticipation, and mystery; perhaps the reason why they are one of the most talked about sex party.


To make things even more interesting, you can ask the guests to bring their own masks to the party. This would make them run wild with their ideas and make the sex party even more exciting. Alternatively, you can send out an invitation to all of them with a unique mask of your choosing; you can also base the masquerade party around specific themes such as carnival or Mardi Gras.

A party based on certain dress themes is also a great idea for a sex party. The preparation involved in getting ready for the party would definitely pay off in the end, thanks to the tingling atmosphere that is created at the party. Dress up parties can also involve wearing masks to up the ante, which can be a very potent and erotic combination. Some of the themes that you can play with are vintage, retro, movies, futuristic, superheroes, etc.

No matter what kind of sex party you throw, sex-themed drinks are always a hit at such events. Make your own unique cocktails and name them creatively. Some of the names that you can choose for your drink are "Wet Dreams," "Horny OK," and "G-Spot." Keep the names fun and raunchy, but don’t be too explicit. To spice up things, you can also have the guests make their own cocktail and have them give it a kinky name. Later, conduct a vote to find the most popular drink and name; the prize for the winner could be to bottoms up their own concoction. The cheers and the excitement surrounding the drinks would definitely make the party a blast for everyone.

Every party should have a great music playing in the background, and a sex party is no different. Some of the songs that suit a sex-themed party perfectly are "Sexual Healing" from Marvin Gaye and "Erotica" by Madonna. Ask your friends for songs suggestions beforehand and keep the playlist ready. You can also arrange a karaoke game revolving around the theme of sex to keep things moving during the party. If your guests are willing enough, they can also be encouraged to dance to the music.


A few other games and activities that can be tried during a sex-themed party are "Who’s Behind the Mask," on the spot skits, costume walk, sexual yoga poses, and an all-out dance session on a floor.

Once the party is finished, make arrangements for desserts and snacks to help your tired friends relax; cupcakes and ice-creams are a great choice. Consider making sleeping arrangements for your high friends, in case they can’t make it back to their homes in time. As a parting gift, you can give sex-themed gifts for your guests such as massage oil, soaps, or any other left over items at your party. If done right, themed sex parties can be extremely fun and enjoyable.