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How Does Cheating Effect Both Men And Women?

Cheating in this particular term refers to the ability to develop intimate relations with a different person other than your current spouse. Many may define cheating based on having sexual intimacy with another person other than your current spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend or the person you are engaged to.

It is now defined in a much better complexity as defined to be cheating even when one develops intimate emotions of desiring a deeper connection with another individual aside from your spouse even when you have not engaged in sexual intimacies yet. This is because the thought is there, the feelings already exist and when you are being sexually intimate to your current spouse/partner, you only do it out of convenience to please them, but not to really be with them.

Statistically reported more than 80% of the plebeian couples have indicated that they would immediately leave their spouse/partners should their spouse/partner cheat on them. What is even more shocking is that more 81% of these plebeian couples also reported the possibility of cheating on their spouses.

In the past cheating was frequented with either a person met at a bar, club, workmate, best friend of spouse, best friend of cheater, etc. This was mainly because of the continuous interaction whether it is for a short amount of time or for a long amount of time the relationship bond that was already created was enough for the cheaters to desire intimacy with the individual they are not in a relationship with. An interesting revelation is that cheating is prelevant among monogamous couples and non exist among swinging couples.

In the modern day cheating has taken a whole new system whereby it is much harder to catch a cheating spouse cause they don't have to stay out late making an excuse that they are out with the girls or out with the boys having a couple of drinks enjoying themselves at a club or watching a game etc.

Your partner has the ultimate weapon to utilize to cheat on you on a daily basis with social media interactions with people they know they would like to engage with on a much higher level of intimacy than just chatting online. It has been reported that online romantic relationships don't just stay online; eventually the two will meet up and push the relationship to the next level all the while there is no clue to support the fact that your spouse/partner is cheating.

Effects of cheating on a man

Cheating is never easy to deal with, let alone overcome it, and there are several transitions that a man has to undergo whether he is the cheater or the one cheated on. The effects of cheating on a man include:

  1. He isolates his emotions and does not want to talk about it at all. They are also seen to become more silent than usual as they do not feel like socializing as much with their social circle of close friends and will deter the jolly mood they had while walking into the office.
  2. They can tend to engage in late night drinking as they avoid going home whether they are still living with the cheating spouse or living alone. This is because if they are living with the cheating spouse they don't want to have to see them and act like everything is ok, they are still hurting upon the realization the one person they trusted actually broke that trust selfishly. If they have moved out and are living alone they are not used having to go home to an empty house and the memory of the cheers in the previous relationship still linger on as a painful memory. Drinking as they report would help not have their minds focused on any of these things and when they get home all they have to do is sleep.
  3. Fear of loosing his family especially if he already has children. He fears he will lose custodial rights to his kids as he will merge a separation with his wife.

Effects of cheating on women

  1. Women are more likely to tell their close friends of the event as well seek their comfort and company.
  2. Women tend to stay in the house and just dig in to a snack or devote their time into activities they've put off.
  3. Women will no longer engage in daily activities such as getting their hair done and manicure and pedicure done.
  4. Women will develop a fear toward venturing into any new relationship as they do not want end up cheated on again.

There are some spouses both men and women who have been indicated to use an aggressive measure such as going on ahead and engaging in a sexual intimacy with a close friend of the cheating spouse as revenge. This is very common and it always leads to the uneventful breakup with severe emotional pain.