9 Basic Lies All Men Tell

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It is not a secret that men lie to their spouses and girlfriends.

Dudes often lie to avoid major troubles with their spouses or girlfriends and have perfected this craft to save their skins.

However, from time to time, they are exposed and many women will complain that men are nothing more than cheats are.

However, even though men lie, some of the blame lies with women. Most women hold a delusional picture of some "Prince Charming" that causes most men to lie.

So what are some of the top lies men tell women?

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1. I’m stuck in traffic

Men are not that good at communication and most will find it difficult to explain the main reason they are running late. Even for completely legitimate reasons, they will find it easier to say "I’m stuck in traffic" than explain exactly what is holding them.

2. It’s not that expensive

This is yet another common lie men find themselves saying to a woman. Guys love toys and stuff and can buy something once it catches their eyes. However, when questioned about it, they are likely to say this line so as to prevent disapproval. It is also a way guys try to prove to be responsible with cash and that they are not spendthrifts. They also want to earn trust from their spouse especially if they are using a shared account.

3. I’m on my way

Women at times invite guys over to occasions they do not want to attend such as a family reunion. They however can’t refuse to go since it can have some serious consequences and this lie is used as a way of stalling. They thus compromise by being late on purpose to show they at least tried.

4. Sorry, I missed your call

This lie can also be rephrased as "my battery died" or "I had no signal" but they all mean that they simply blocked or screened your call. The major reason they tell this lie is that they are afraid of telling their girlfriends to give them some space. Most may need some time alone or with friends and throw this line to get some "time-out."

5. I didn’t drink much

When your man says this lie often, it might be an indicator that he has an alcohol problem. An alcohol addict would do anything to justify his habit or show that they are still under control. In this case, you should sit with him when he is sober, show your concern, and probably seek help.

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6. No, you don’t look fat

This is probably one of the safe responses a man can say. Women are very sensitive to this matter and men try as much not to offend them. Most men fear that if they give their honest opinion, they will not get under their girl's knickers for a long time and thus find it easier to lie. To get an honest opinion, ladies should ask their girlfriends instead as they are more likely to state the truth.

7. Just one more beer

It is always either a fun time when guys hang together catching a beer, talking, or watching a game. However, when their spouse or girlfriend calls them to come home, they tend to stall by saying "It is my last beer." What they really mean is that you get off their back so that they can spend more time with friends. It is a crafty way, which they buy time and delays coming home.

8. I’m not looking to have sex with you

When a guy says this that is exactly what they want. Most pretend that it does not define a relationship but it does. If you find it hard to believe, try telling your man that you are abstaining from marriage. He will most likely lose interest in you and will call and text less. Then you will know what exactly they want.

9. Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine

This is probably the most common lie men tell women. This fib is usually meant to prevent a lot of drama and protect their male pride. Naturally, men are not good at expressing their feelings and tend to harbor these feelings within. It is easier for them not to admit it and try to avoid the situation. In this case, it is better to leave them alone and give them some time to figure things out.

In conclusion, in fact, there are countless lies men tell women and the above-discussed ones are just some of the most common lies.

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