5 Sexy Ways To Make Your Love Like A 'Teenage Dream'

Who says the backseat is just for teens?

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It's been five long years since Katy Perry released the pop gem "Teenage Dream". The song was part of a juggernaut album of the same name and lives in Billboard history as only the second (and first from a female) to boast five number one songs. 

While this is a significant achievement, what's etched in our memories is Katy's full-fledged transformation from a girl who initially pursued a career in gospel to a sex symbol of the highest ilk. There were even stories about her parents disowning her because of said transformation.


But this isn't an article about Katy Perry, teenagers, dreams or the parents that loathe it all. It is, however, a partial exploration into why we were so in love with the title song and, by extension, the album.

In pop culture, we buy what resonates with us and "Teenage Dream" was no exception. It was the sexual energy of hooking up and everything in between. What's more, Katy's fan base spanned multiple generations.

To women, Katy represents the fun, sexy, confident and guilt-free mentality of their own youth. When I reflect on this, it always makes me wonder why we're so apt to lose ourselves. Even in cases where we don't fully lose our own passions and desires, we often let our partners suck it out of us, even if they don't do it intentionally. It's as if we've convinced ourselves that at a certain age life has to change and we do whatever version of growing up that we consider appropriate or natural.


And to that I say, "No way!" Let's rediscover that we've let slip away.

Here are 5 ways to relive your teenage dream:

1. Have Sex In Different Places

Yes, on top of the kitchen counter, in the back seat of your car or in the shower is SO good. So is doing it at your parents house when you visit. Or in a closet while your kids are watching TV. You want to get away with it, while you're quiet but intense and somewhat worried. You'll giggle. You'll remember. You'll want to see where you can get away to next time.

2. Dance, Dance, Dance

Go dancing, and for Pete's sake, don't worry about the typical clientele of the club you go to. We age ourselves when we limit where and when we can have fun based on some arbitrary social norms. We also limit what fun we can actually have. Let loose, hold on tight, grind and wear the sexiest and hottest outfit you can find.


Forget about them (the world) and focus on him or her (your partner). Remember that Blink-182 song, 'What's My Age Again?' That's what you're going for.

3. Send Sexy Texts

I get it, you'd never endorse your teen sexting. But you're not your teen, and you have someone that you're gaga over. So live a little and diversify the means by which you express your passion. Take a picture and send it to him/her in the middle of the day or when (s)he's out with friends. Spice up the sext by adding suggestive and direct words about what you're going to do to them when you see them. 

4. Sit Next To Each Other

Not all the time, mind you, but every now and then, sit close to get close. Play footsies. Touch each other while you nod back to good bar music and bad mojitos. Share a meal, a conversation and the same air while you bite their ear when the waiter walks away.


5. Never Stop Holding Hands

When did you stop holding hands and why?

Because you're already together and thus you don't need to "check that block"? Holding hands has a very simplistic "they're with me and I'm with them" message. There's a connection and presence for a couple that shows up when they hold hands. So show up and keep it up.