Empowering Women

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10 years +


Austin TX 78746 - United States



Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Spiritual Healer

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

"Woman is the real starting point for the necessary reeducation in sex. This movement has to take root in women and spread from them out into society-through lovers, friends, one night stands, through mothers teaching daughters and fathers teaching sons. It requires that women begin to speak up for themselves, expressing their needs and sensitivities, and that men urgently heed those messages. The greatest potential for true sexual fulfillment and love lies in a woman and a man joined together on a mutual journey of sexual self-discovery."--from Tantric Orgasm for Women by Diana Richardson

About Morgan Taylor

Morgan S. Taylor M.A., LPC is a specialist in women's sexuality and reproductive health.  She is the founder of the Austin, TX based Pathway to Pleasure Collective where she offers sex therapy and counseling for individuals and couples who don't enjoy sex as much as they want to and who are worried about how this is impacting their intimate relationship, be able to find pleasure and joy in sex so that they can preserve their intimate relationship without feeling like they have to sacrifice themselves just to keep their partner happy. Visit the website at www.pathwaytopleasure.com and request your FREE eBook "The Pleasure Keys: The 7 Secrets to Feminine Sexual Pleasure"

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