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Our personal history does not inhibit our present or our future. Don't let anyone (including yourself) tell you you can't do something. Find your passion and take action everyday to lead a happy, fun and fulfilling life.

About Miya Yamanouchi

Miya Yamanouchi is an empowerment counsellor with specialist sex & relationship training, dedicated to assisting people to embrace their inner strength and live an inspired and vibrant life, irrespective of perceived limitations. Miya currently works as Head Counsellor at a university in Sydney and as Psychological Skills Trainer & Group Therapy Facilitator (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) at a private psychiatric hospital in Sydney, Australia.

Drawing upon a combination of her creative gifts, psychological skills and rather unconventional life experiences, Miya supports individuals to cultivate their personal power through helping them accept and value their unique self, take action despite fear, and view adversity as life's greatest teacher. 

Miya has practiced in a variety of specialist counselling roles both while undertaking her clinical training and honing her skills as a health professional, including Sex & Relationships Counsellor (The Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine), Sexual Health Counsellor (Impotence Australia) , Relationship Communication Consultant (MY Counselling Service Australia), Drug&Alcohol Counsellor(DrugArm Australasia) and International Student Counsellor (The Australian Institute of Professional Education). 

Miya is also a published author and writer of inspirational quotes and self-help articles. Miya’s inspirational sentiments and personal development articles have have been published across the globe in everything from textbooks such as Community & Public Health Nursing: Evidence for Practice (3rd edition); Investigating Social Problems (1st edition); and Childhood Trauma and the Non-Alpha Male-Gender Role Conflict, Toxic Shame, and Complex Trauma: Finding Hope, Clarity, Healing and Change; to online magazines including Women’s Health MagazineYahoo!Style,  WordPorn, and The Huffington Post. Her most popular article to date has been shared over 34.4K times on YourTango alone. 

Currently studying a postgraduate degree in Communication, Miya is enjoying further developing her knowledge and expertise in the field of communication to better assist her clients. 


Miya Yamanouchi Success Stories

Men in complicated relationships

“I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for all you’ve done for me over the last 2 months or so. I really am standing up for myself now, and in fact my partner has totally noticed this too. I have really begun to understand my own value and worth. I have begun to love myself, to take care of myself, and most of all to believe in myself. This is as a direct result of your hard work. Thank you so much Miya. You’re an amazing person with such a wonderful gift and talent for helping others. I’m so grateful to have met you.”

Men dealing with stress

“Before working with Miya I was someone who'd rather avoid an issue because I didn't want it to become a confrontation. Now I have a subconscious sense of how to express myself in a friendly yet assertive way. This inspires confidence as I know that I will get what I want or at least be heard, and my raising of the issue will not result in my own disappointment or anger. I no longer stop to think or compose my responses or thoughts, these come out effortlessly now, making me a very effective communicator and a very happy person to be around.”

Women dealing with stress

“Miya has helped me a lot in realising what I am good at and what I can do to overcome the sadness/difficulties. She taught me how to think differently when I am in a difficult situation and I find it very helpful. I managed to apply what she taught into real life and now I have become a good listener and have good communication skills as well. Thank you so much for helping me overcome the difficult time. I was really struggling and thanks to you, I managed to keep it all together and finally pass the semester. You are such an inspiration and I want to become a person like you who can help people overcome their crisis and feel better.”

Men in complicated relationships

“I can wholeheartedly say that not only has Miya most likely saved my relationship with the love of my life, Miya has also taught me skills I can use in every day life.... whether it's managing my emotions/temperament to being mindful of my thoughts and actions. All in all Miya has been a blessing to me and my life, being happier with a healthier mind and hopefully a better person.
Truly grateful for Miya's hard work with me!! X”

Men dealing with work related stress

“I would just like to thank you so much for your help, you are definitely the best person I have seen in terms of counselling/psychology professionals. You have helped to ease my mind immensely, and the strategies you have instructed me to use have been very effective. I am definitely starting to see the future in a more positive light. I’m certainly glad I met you! Your assistance has been extremely beneficial.”


Men with mental illness

“Thank your for leading the DBT program and teaching me the skills. I have learnt a lot while I was in this program and was able to use and practice the skills, and that has helped me a lot. I also want to say thanks for your support when I was struggling, your compassion and support helped me. I have learnt a lot and felt like I have grown more as a person compared to when I started. Thanks again for everything! “

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